Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hugh Hefner's issues with his High School Administration

Hugh Hefner, so well known the world over for decade after decade, as the creator and owner of Playboy Magazine, the Playboy Clubs and the Playboy Mansion. But he wasn't always that guy. Before all that, when he was in High School, he was by his own admission and statement, "the best jitterbugger in the class". And so began Hef's struggle against the restrictive Puritan Ethic in America. And thank God he did.

Here is Hef's letter to the editor of his High School newspaper on the topic of the restrictive school dances:

Dear Ed:

I think the Friday night dances are a great idea, but they have one big fault. They're too "old-fashioned"! Keeping the dances respectable is certainly necessary and swell, but we can keep them that way and still have some solid dancing. The majority of the students who dance prefer jive, but the moment you start even a simple jive break, someone steps up and stops you. And it's not because the band can't play hot music -- then can -- but they are told beforehand NOT to play it. This situation has caused a definite drop in attendance. If the Friday night dances are for we student, why not give us the kind of music we enjoy?

As we all know, Hugh went on to build an empire in Playboy Magazine all around the world, and products and productions. It's no secret that this issue with the kids feeling claustrophobic by the restrictions of those in charge, has been going on forever. Even graffiti in ancient Rome over 2,000 years ago spoke to the same kind of attitude between the young and the old.

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  1. I go to the same high school as him. I'm a freshman, the school still looks the same except for the mods, the extra classes outside the school.