Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Saint Chef Gordon Ramsey

Why SAINT Gordon Ramsey? Two words: "Kitchen Nightmares".

Chef Gordon Ramsey
You may hate Gordon Ramsey because of his Chef like attitude, his Michelin star demeanor, his "Hell's Kitchen" show, or "The "f" Word", or many other shows. Mostly people seem to hate him from Hell's Kitchen.

I enjoy all his shows. I like the guy. I can't help myself. I read his biography. He had a tough life. He was a professional Footballer in Britain and quit because of an injury and found himself in a career with not a lot of respect from his mates. He worked his way up and is a dynamo of producing successful TV shows. I haven't watched all of his "f" Word shows but they were entertaining too.

The people that hang our with him are always surprised at how different he is from his public show persona and his interpersonal persona. I have been in the military and I've been around martial arts all my life, I'm used to big egos. But I've learned a great deal from people like this. Others have wandered off or away while I stuck it out and moved to the top of that area because I could stick it out and I always find something to learn from these people.

He has a lovely wife who is a rock and some beautiful kids. He seems to be a loving, if frequently absent, father. And that is all I have to say on that and his personality. You love him or you hate him, or you have no opinion if you think you are too cool to have an opinion on him.

But what I am actually thankful for is his "Kitchen Nightmares" series of shows. Why? Isn't it obvious? He's going around Britain and America, turning around really crummy, just about to fail, restaurants. Thank God, I've heard about people who own restaurants watching his show (and hopefully applying some of his words and idea). All the while that he's performing his shocked attitude and revamping of the establishments, he's educating the customers and educating the  Restauranteurs.

Which of these is more important to me, I am not sure but I would have to lean toward those who own restaurants. God knows what I've eaten over the years at various eateries, or what that "stomach flu" actually was after having eaten out somewhere. But now knowing what actually goes on in some restaurants, I find extremely valuable.

Some of the restaurants he has visited would have been well seated on the show, "Hoarders".

On the entertainment side, I've met through his shows, some fairly horrible personality types. If you think he is a tyrant, you've seen nothing until you see chefs and owners who have Napoleon complexes greater than their namesakes. People who should NEVER have been allowed to own a business that has anything to do with putting food into people's mouths.

I really don't have that much of a problem with someone who has a big ego, if they deserve it. I do have a problem with people who have inflated egos, and have absolutely no basis in their over estimation of themselves. I prefer not being around people with big egos, but at least you can learn from them and it can take you to another level altogether in climbing the ladder of ascension in your art or business.

There have been some unbelievable horror stories. So I assume some people don't want to know, because as you shovel food into your mouth at a questionable food establishment, you really don't want to know what kind of filth or bug ridden substance that last crunch was, in a usually never crunchy food.

So, I'm going to stick along with Gordon Ramsey. I find him entertaining and educational and I really think he's doing more good than harm. And he's always entertaining.

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