Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Schizophrenic Nature of America

America is a dichotomy of life views.

One is Puritan in nature and therefore thinks work before pleasure and asexuality before sexuality. 
 But then there is the Libertarian view of Freedom, the Pursuit of Happiness, and an attitude of "Don't Tread On Me!"
This is obviously a schizophrenic attitude, but it serves a very good system of weights and balances. The problem with this format, however, is that where the Libertarian attitude says I don't agree with you so let's talk about it, the Puritan attitude says, I don't agree with you, and therefore we shall not talk about it, or discuss it in anyway, and you should be punished for even having that attitude I disagree with.

This is not a functional or healthy way to be. Tolerance, understanding, compassion, trying new things, setting limits by individual, by trial and error, by the tests of function and dysfunction, by insight and experimentation, these are the ways to be healthy. To simply say that there have been philosophies built in ancient times, that have proven dysfunctional beyond their functions, is disproportionate to rational thought or scientific inquiry.

Although a Libertarianism may lend itself to excess, Puritanism lends itself to being closed off, ignorant, fearful and paranoid merely by the format of its existence and design.

I think if America were a woman, She would see all this. She would be nurturing. She would expect the best of us, but help us when we were down. She would be Mom, Girl Friend, Spiritual counselor, Friend, Lover, Sister, Pal, Legal Adviser.

Bottom line, she would be understanding, compassionate, solid. And now a days, we need a friend like that, more than ever.

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