Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Occupy What?

I find this a bit offensive.

Why? Because it presupposes a few things. Like the person/group who wrote that, knew better before Obama got elected. Like, the other viable candidate would have done better, not worse. Like Obama didn't indeed do a lot of good, simply by being elected; I submit that he could even do worse than he has and still have served his purpose by having been elected. 

Even giving the author of the photo consideration that they are correct, and I assume it is a Republican (and no, I'm not a Democrat), to look at the vast wasteland that is the Republican party, and its candidates (Herman Cain? Really?), had it gone the other way, the supporters of Obama would easily have been able to say the same thing right back at them about their candidate. 

Saying "YOU idiots elected" not only passes on responsibility for the lack of superior candidates on the Republican side, it completely avoids who badly we needed that shot in the arm that Obama winning gave the America spirit and not just on the side of African Americans. Even whites were proud to live in a country where a Black man can achieve the highest office in the world. Yes, reverse discrimination of a sort, but a positive kind of sorts.

But political rhetoric like in this photo shows more the type of intellect involved not only in the Republican party, but in US politics in general. It's a sad state of affairs that is only pointing out the banality of the other side when they poorly try to cut down their opponents in useless negative comments.

What really is the problem? Obama? No.

I agree and I said when he was elected, people are going to be disappointed in him. Not because of his personality, history or orientation. But because people had put him on a pedestal. One that no one could maintain. I'm feeling let down by him myself.

Obama's attitude that he will not expend political capital to end the billions of dollars involved int he drug war, in Cannabis persecution, in ruining thousands of American citizens lives through repression and incarceration, is simply disillusioning in and of itself. Yes, I agree with him that we need the healthcare situation fixed, the economic situation and others. But he was hired not to do one thing. He was hired to do the undo-able. To fix, many things. To run the bad in government down and crush it.

When do we get THAT president?

The President has an army of people under him to do his bidding. I'm pretty sure he can make some vast changes to fix, or lead to fixing this situation. In fact, it may be one of the most easily rectified situations in his arsenal. Yet, obviously, he is choosing not to "bother" with it. I think about the guy sitting in prison who shouldn't be there at all, his family, wife, children, suffering, all do to immoral laws. It is easy for Government officials to lean on the Supreme court ruling that abusing America citizens is "okay". But that still doesn't make it right.

Sometimes, we just have to do what is right, even if people don't like us for it.

I have to wonder, if Obama hit the floor running, butt heads with all the jackals in Washington, if he showed the American people he was trying, he was relentless, he was going to evoke massive change, if that shock would ripple through the government and things just might have gotten done.

We need a house cleaning. Occupy Wall Street. Occupy your town. Occupy those lazy officials we hired to fix things, who are simply having their daily afternoon drinks, relaxing, while people are starving, sitting in prison for no real reason, watching their American Dream dissolve right before their eyes, and that of their children's future evaporate on a daily basis.

We need to educate our children, or we are lost. We don't need to burden them with bills to get that education for the rest of their lives as some are now. We don't have the money, you say? Well, how'd we get there? Where IS that money, because you know what? It's out there, somewhere. Someone has it. And we need to take it back.

Peacefully. But we need to stand in their face, as we are now, and say, do it. We are the boss pal, not you, not your gang of Washington Hooligans, corporate whores, lobbiest prostitutes, ignorant superstitious religious addicts, diseducated urban hicks and just basic racists and assholes.

So, now that we've been paying you guys for decades, how about doing what we pay you for. Make things functional. Protect the common interest. Protect and propagate the public trust. And stop worrying about yourself only.

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