Monday, November 14, 2011

Occupy Wall Street, Allowing our Government to Govern us

I just don't understand. I don't understand what has happened to our country. I do not understand the people that people choose to put in charge of an entire country, I also don't understand, if we're the most "everythingwhatever" country in the history of the world, why do we have such lame ducks running for office?

Especially, the Office of the President of the United States of America? Shouldn't we have the best and brightest vying for office, available, and ready, prepared and educated for this office? Should we perhaps be raising children to run for office, to focus on making our country (and not just themselves, or their idiologies) the best country in the world?


Someone pointed out to me that we do have a class of people who run for office and they are called Politicians. And that is the problem. But their motivations are wrong and that has been damaging our country. We don't need people running for office for their own glorification. They need to selflessly run for office to make the country the best it can be. EVEN if that goes against their best interests.

How do we end up with such fools and idiots in office, or even being supported by their parties to run for office? How did George W. Bush, EVER get into office? And get to be voted in a second term? Okay, maybe the worst terrorist act perpetrated on US soil just might have something to do with it. But how did a fool like Dan Quayle ever get to be Vice President of the United States? What's happening? Why do we have these sad things repeatedly being burdoned upon us? I have no answer. I don't get it either.

Yes, I think perhaps, being a politician is the issue here. This is a good point. Perhaps we need to stop being politicians and start being managers of the people's trust. Thomas Jefferson said the government that governs least governs best. Jon Stewart said that perhaps the government that governs the most effecively governs best.

Judge Napolitano said that government should only protect the people from fraud and force. This guy is interesting, but he's balancing on a bucket if you ask me. Still he has some good things to say.

Essentially our government and the parties that run it, are entrenched and have cancerous growths all through it that need to be restructured and trimed. But that means it will hurt those who are perpetuated by the status quo. The Politicians. The Lobbyiests.

None of this will happen by natural processes, as things are now and have been for years. So, what then?

People in the streets may be just what is needed. So cut those in the occupy movement some slack. I'm hearing a lot of comment against them lately by "The People". Our youth may be at times misdirected, or ignorant of all the things involved but they stir things up, and they are simply right at times. Still they need more focus too.

Perhaps what we need is one more tragedy, one more economic crisis. Since the people are in the streets now, if more people felt motivated to join them, that could be the catalyst to evoke the changes we need. I'm not saying we should foment anything, I'm just pointing out that one more massive change will be just enough to push the upside down pyramid finally over.
But do we really need a catalyst? History shows that people need to be either fearful or angry enough to speak their minds and shut things down. Then the Government becomes concerned (or fearful themselves enough) to evoke changes. No one wants to change the status quo until it becomes uncomfortable enough to want it changed to return to that level of comfort they once had.

The trouble is, we are there now. The other trouble is, American's are quite adaptable and have great perserverance. It's all very ADD, MTV attention span-ish. If you are miserable and it lasts too long, you adapt to the new level of discomfort, until it becomes the new level of comfort. It's Human nature really.

But sometimes you just need artificial levels of discomfort to evoke change. These are brought about by religious concerns (breaking established religious tenets), political (breaking established political... yeah, you get it), cultural (crushing Native Americans back in the old West, for instance), and so on.

So, we need even worse things to happen to us now, to affect us enough to stand up and kick some government and corporate ass, or we need to artificially lower the bar for our status quo so we feel things are even worse than they are.

So what do we (you) do? I don't have the answer. If you don't have the answer, then what do you do?

And so, you end up with people in the streets, pissed off, making noise, wanting change and not knowing what it is, but knowing it's not what has been done up to this point. When someone is ripping you off, and you don't know how, why, or how to stop it, sometimes you just need to stand up and yell loud enough, and they will stop.

Drawing attention is sometimes all it takes. Because people doing things that are wrong, especially when they know they are wrong, do not like attention being drawn to them. It evokes change all by itself because others don't like the attention and they tend not to support that which draws attention to them.

So maybe, just maybe, the Occupy Movement is on to something. Maybe we should be pushing for others to run for office. Maybe all this change will lead to the right kind of people to start taking action, paying attention, running for office, evoke changes, give us our world back.

Sometimes all it takes is yelling NO, to those abusing us; and YES to those who can help us.

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