Friday, November 11, 2011

Just why is Courtney Zito crashing the SuperBowl?

Okay. So, just who IS this Courtney Zito person and just what the heck does the Super Bowl have to do with her?

And Doritos? Excuse me?

If you haven't heard about the very sweet and charming Courtney or her character, Quinn Munroe on the "Hollywood Girl" web series, well, first of all, you're missing out, and second, where have you been hiding? Have you heard about any "Web Series" shows? Hello? Are you awake yet? Look, if you need, I'll give you a few minutes....

Okay, so you've heard about the Super Bowl, right? Now how about Doritos snack foods? What do these three apparently disparate subjects have in common? Well, nothing really. Till now.

Courtney is a pretty damn attractive and talented actress, writer and producer of, as I alluded to earlier, the popular web series "Hollywood Girl". She has been in film and on TV. But really, that's not the point here.

You see, Doritos and the Super Bowl have teamed up to offer a pretty cool and fun contest: produce a SuperBowl worthy commercial and if it wins, they will air it during the SuperBowl. Not to mention, some other pretty cool prizes.

So Courtney figured, "I have to make one of these." And she did. Courtney's Doritos submission for the "Crash the SuperBowl Hollywood Edition" contest is titled, "Battle of the Sexes" (check it out here). It's Guys vs. Girls in a battle for the Doritos, and they pull out all the stops. Courtney, Robert Grant, Sean Beaty, Kelsey Scott star in it. And it's really funny. No really. It is. Honest.

In Courtney's own words:

"Hey Everyone! Now is the time we really need your help! Please create an account on the Doritos website and leave us a nice comment telling the judges why we should be in the top 5! Then once we make it to the finals, you will be able to use that login to vote daily! This will also help us reach our goal of 10,000 views by Nov. 21st! We are over 6000 already, so it's definitely do-able! Thanks again for all of your support!"

Just check it out. Okay? I think you'll want to help when you see it. Just think, you can be a part of putting a really funny commercial on the SuperBowl!

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  1. Awesome! Loved it! She deserves to win!!! Crossing our fingers :D xoxo