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Felicia Day and her Vokle chat

Have you ever heard of, Vokle?
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Felicia Day as an Elf in Dragon Age: Redemption web series
Me neither, but tonight I got on a video chat with Felicia Day (The Guild, Eureka, "Do you want to date my Avatar") and friends and a bunch of other fans. It was pretty damn great, I must say. I had a really good time! It was just over two hours (2:10) long, and available for playback.

I was sitting in my TV room, kind of watching something on TV while I was writing on my laptop (my usual mode of operations). I was working on my HearthTales screenplay (which is coming along nicely, I'll get back to that in a minute); I sent Felicia a Tweet about it, actually. I was sitting there writing, waiting for "Sons of Anarchy" to come on, one of those shows I look forward to each week, when suddenly, someone started talking on my laptop!

Now many people have probably experienced that phenomenon. If you're laptop/PC, whatever, reboots due to updates. And if you were watching videos (I frequently have videos in browser tabs for TED, YouTube music videos, comedians, science oriented stuff, or whatever, when I want to pick back up on them the next day), the videos will start playing once you log back on, or go back to your previous browser session.

Kind of annoying at times, but at least now a days usually you can get back to where you were before the reboot.

In fact, this morning my desktop did just that, rebooted for a Windows 7 update (Grrrr, I thought I had that set to ask first) and that was exactly what happened. I had a video staged from yesterday about the Large Hadron Collider, ready to watch it this morning. It was something my son pointed out on Facebook yesterday while I had been watching YouTube clips of Firefly panels at DragonCon all day.

So when I logged on to my desktop today (at 5:30AM), all these videos started up and I had to seek them out one at a time and pause them all. If you've ever watched TED videos and had this happen, it is a very strange thing. You get the intro sound effects shooting out at you from your speakers, over and over and then people start talking and at five or so in the morning, when I usually get up, it's very disconcerting.

It used to be worse when my kids lived here (my home office is adjacent to my daughter's old room and across the hall from my son's), and so you are freaking out trying to be quiet and shutting these things down before you wake anyone up. For the record, they both said they never heard that when it happened, but to me it felt like I was in a battlefield fighting for silence.

So I was sitting there last night, trying to find what (who) was talking on my laptop and couldn't find them. I was searching for a tab with obvious video on it (basically looking for a YouTube tab) and the ones that were up, weren't doing a thing. It was a little freaky and reminded me of that time with my son years ago watching "The Ring" when the phone was ringing on the screen, then stopped, but continued on in our house.

Finally I stumbled upon the Vokle tab. It was just a wee bit little spooky, but then I realized there was video running on that tab and thought, oh, I found it. Then I realized, these were real live people talking in real time! Two of them, one being Felicia, the other, her director Scott Winther. Just a bit disconcerting.

It was then that I realized, I had put up that page so that I'd remember it, and once it started, it just, started. Which was, Cool. Because knowing me, and as it happened, I knew I'd forget (and I did). So I just went with it and continued watching. I kept trying to pull away as I'd been waiting to watch SOA, but I couldn't. First of all, Felicia is too damn attractive and cute to listen to (and fascinating) and they were talking about some very fun and cool stuff.

The event was was for her (their?) "Dragon Age: Redemption" web series that I'd been watching (episodes one through six are out now), that she did with EA and BioWare. She had on her director of Dragon Age Peter Winther, her props (and everything else) guy Greg Aronowitz, Peace (who did the music).

Also, Doug Jones (Mr. "Hugs") who played the "Steampunk" guy on "The Guild" (love that show), and Saarebas on Dragon Age, a few other people showed up.

"In Dragon Age: Redemption, Felicia Day stars as Tallis, an Elven assassin hired by the Qunari to capture a rogue mage intent on wreaking havoc throughout the world. In her quest to find this dangerous mage, Tallis is joined by other companions who are not always aligned in their beliefs and goals, but who band together to defeat their foe, in an attempt to restore peace and balance to this dark fantasy universe."

During the event, I learned a lot of fun stuff about the Dragon Age production, some about Felicia and her friends who produced the show (and some about The Guild), Wasabi (the board game),, Rock Jocks, White Room: 02B3, Ready Player One, and a bunch of other things.

Felicia said (I hope I get this all right, if not, I tried) she has played the new Star Wars game and liked it but really doesn't have a lot of time as she is so busy. She also said she looks forward to playing Skyrim, which she has played some. She said she picked a whole lot of flowers in Skyrim and has a backpack full of them, whatever that means. She also said she used to play The Sims, and got a cheat code to make money building weird houses, like with a casino in the bedroom.

I really like her. I like her attitude. I have always been partial to filmmakers who have that "grassroots" paradigm. Like John Carpenter, and smaller Indie filmmakers. Streamys have that. Made small, with control of and by the filmmakers, you have to love it. Even if production values are a bit lower, it's amazing to see what people can do with some effort, thought aforethought and ingenuity. It is especially awesome when they are having fun doing it, and it shows.

Someone asked Felicia if she was going to write a novel and if she would do something with the Steampunk idea. She said she would like to, if she could come up with the right storyline (this is where my HearthTales script comes in). I got a reader's notes back on it recently where they said the liked the Gray and Lover (Steampunk character's and their storyline) a lot. So I sent Felicia a Tweet during the event letting her know I have something that might interest her.

Brief Aside: HearthTales is a Horror / Comedy screenplay about a "famous" Horror writer and ex special forces soldier who takes his (beautiful) assistant to Seattle for a media event. He never makes it to because his gold digging wife has had someone send a demon after him to kill him so she can inherit all his money.

One of the three short stories told by the friends by the "hearth" is "Poor Lord Ritchie" which takes place in Medieval times and it fun, and rather intense. Rutger Hauer chose it as one of his favorite stories some years ago in a contest. The other two stories are "Popsicle Death" about a boy, a popsicle vendor, and Death Incarnate; and "Sarah" about a senile old woman who let's you know how bad senile dementia can be.

Billy with the Boondock Saints
The writer and his assistant go to visit his Billy Connolly-like friend and sit around telling stories (which we see, all while the demon is trying to track them down).

Someone sends two Steampunk style partners to protect the writer. These women obviously have a history in Demon hunting and love adventure. 

They are, fashion-wise, into what I call, "Functional Steampunk", their accouterments are functional and not just for looks. The reader had said that these two women could go on in a sequel to have their own film and that I should seriously think about that. So, with a few tweaks, I think they could be interesting for Felicia and she should probably read the script, to see if she could use these characters and their world. Anyway, it's available to her for review, anytime.

All in all, I enjoyed the event last night and the platform Felicia found to present it in. As I said in the beginning, the video chat is available for review, so check it out.

[update 10\23\2014 and then there was this Felicia and GamerGate]

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