Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Healthpoint Services, a new paradigm in HealthCare

There is a lack of health care for those people making very little money around the world. But there are a lot of people that need it. Primary in diseases and other health issues is a lack of potable drinking water.

There is a new company that is trying to fill this niche and it is growing. Slowly, but it may be on to something. Currently, they have eight pilot clinics that are making a small profit.

Healthpoint Services has been honored as laureate of The Tech Awards 2011, amongst one of 15 global innovators recognized each year for applying technology to benefit humanity and spark global change.

E Healthpoint Services is an effort to turn a profit with lower end medical procedures, and testing. Local clinics with medical tests done while you wait for costs between forty cents and six dollars. Remote consultations, local healthcare workers available to assist you where a doctor is not required, and... supplying clean water.

Clean water means less health issues. So water purification is performed on the clinic premises. Families can subscribe to clearn water for around a $1 a month, for familes that only make a $1 a day, this is a reasonable cost. This subscription allows for twenty litres of water for each family per day. It seems that much of the water in India is bad. Well water is contaminated with dangeroulsy high levels of flouride in some areas, surface waters contaminated with chemicals in others.

Part of the issue and costs for people in locations like India, especially remote locations, many of which are where this company has started up, are also part of what makes it untenable for them to receive good, or any healthcare. Medicine, advanced diagnostic tools, and remote medical consultation with a doctor while a healthcare worker is with the client and available to clients.

By all accounts this methodology and company design is workable and sustainable. They are dealing in a niche of lower income that has needed to be filled for a long time. It is hoped that they will be able to spread this across India and eventually the world. Although there are smaller funds available to expand business, they have brought in individuals who believe in the model, and have invested their own money; but also some typical investors who hope to make a profit.

Although they plany and try to keep the "client first and foremost" model, over that of profit, they realize the danger involved in allowing typical investors. Still, a balance of both types of investors could possibly sustain the model, as well as allow for expansion and reasonable growth. It's a brave attempt. This model works, but it usually falls victim to profit taking and ever increasing focus on economy to the point of the client losing out on the quality of services that once supplied, are so reasonably expected.

But also, in these new days of economic dissatisfaction, we need to try to find a way to make the old models work, just in a more appropriate and not only efficient ways; with knowledge aforethought, and a realization that hindsight is foresight. And a lot of other euphemisms like that.

It's a noble idea. I hope it works.

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