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"Fair Game" and How the Bush Administration Misled the World

Happy April Fool's day. Find someone you care about and make them laugh. Just don't be mean spirited. Pull a joke on someone. But don't hurt them. Don't "Out them" in anyway. Don't do what the Bush Administration did to Valerie Plame Wilson and tell the world she was an CIA agent, who just happened to be under cover at the time, running multiple ops around the world and most likely got some people killed. Someone, in the White House, was a traitor to the United States, a penalty typically enforced by death, but in the case of "Scooter" Libby, was enforced with a Presidential pardon, commuting the sentence he was given by the court.

Thank God that fiasco is now over. This country has suffered severe set backs in the eight years of the Bush rodeo in this Nation's capital.

I just got my Blu-Ray disk of the movie "Fair Game" with Naomi Watts and Sean Penn, about CIA Officer Valerie Plame and ex Ambassador Joe Wilson and how the President Bush and Vice President Cheney and their Administration named her as an active agent with multiple live operations in play around the world, because she was the wife of Joe, who stood up and said the White House lied.

This is a story about how the White House wanted to go to war, to take down Saddam Hussein, and how they faked a need, faked evidence, to be able to do so. And when someone calls them on the carpet about it, how they tried to destroy people's lives. It has now been shown that this all did happen. Now one knew, the American public was tricked, deluded, lied to. The Bush Administration fooled their constituents and the world.

Valerie, once her cover was blown, was ejected from the CIA, and was then treated, in a way, that one could only describe as how a wanton woman was once treated in the old days when she had been raped. As if she had brought it on herself, or had caused it and was in some way to blame for it. After receiving many serious death threats during this initial time after her cover was blown (by the white house), she requested from the CIA, personal protection for herself and her family.

There were three others (Tenant, Ashcroft, and Rove) who had also received this types of threats and who had already been given round the clock protection. All they offered Valeria and her children and husband, an ex US Ambassador was the promise of a few more City Police cruisers to pass her house each day. If you know anything about espionage at all, City Police are not properly prepared to deal with that kind of action. One might almost get the feeling that had she or her husband actually been killed, it would have been a desired event. Where is all the "we are a family" that the CIA likes to have people believe?
Joe and Valerie
Or, did they? I know many of us were oblivious, ignorant, or naive. But there were others. Myself being one of them. But then, I have had a background that lead to an understanding power plays in politics and espionage and intelligence gathering.

I remember many of the news briefs shown in the film, many of President Bush and those of his administration and what they said, how I felt, what people around me thought.

I had a strong sense of being lied to, back then.

I asked some of my friends, coworkers: "Do you believe what they are saying? Do you think they are making things up just to go to war?" Everyone said the same thing: "Of course they are lying, Bush wants to go to war, oil is at stake, the middle east is at stake; Bush and his family are oil and in bed with companies like Blackwater, and Halliburton, that Cheney was head of it at one time."

It was just a bunch of rich guys, in charge of the US Government, looking to make themselves and their friends, billions of dollars and over the course of the decade and perhaps even now still, trillions of dollars.

I did not then fully believe what was being said and I was trying to make up my mind, after the attack on the Two Towers in New York, on American soil: did I care? It kept me from thinking clearly, not that I could have done anything at the time, anyway. And I had a lot of other stuff going on back then, some very dark moments in my own personal life and really, I wanted to see some wrong's, righted.

We had no one to strike back at in Al-Qaeda, we needed a good old John Wayne conventional war.

Oh, look, there's Iraq, over there. Saddam is a bastard (even though we set him up, cut intelligence assets in the Middle East because he was our "friend"), let's take him out.

As for the movie, I really liked it. I checked out the extras when the movie was over because I wanted more. I found that on the second audio track, were the people who the story was about, the authors of the books they had both separately written that the movie had been based upon.

I had to listen to it.

Hearing their voices and what they had to say, was a strong statement. We had eight years of insanity with Bush in power. The Horror Years. I don't know if it was Bush, or Cheney, really. Carl Rove has said that if the President had known there were no WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction), he wouldn't have gone to war (blaming the CIA, which is always the White House's scapegoat).

There is a shot in the film in another country, where you feel that country is run by a bad government, then when we next are in the US, you have this correlation, is America like that too? Are we too living in a government run amuck?

Valerie Plame Wilson's blog on Huffington Post.

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