Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Zilyon Publishing - you've entered Zombie Land

I love small press.

Big publishers are great, but if you've every tried to publish a book, good luck.With small press, you may not get the clout behind a large conglomerate publisher, but you certainly feel like you are a part of something and not just another number on another page somewhere. Remember small record companies? Some of them turned out some new artists who went on to be big time. Small press is a lot like that.
George Romero with Cal Miller in ZomBcon Seattle 2010

Cal Miller of Zilyon Publishing, has gotten their new web site up for the company. The following is the lead on his page when you go to it. It's flashy and fun horror filled. Zombies, monsters, you name it are available in the books on their site. You may remember that I'm in two of their books, "Rhonny Reaper's Creature Features Horror Anthology" as well as their "Undead Nation Anthology", both of which donate a part of the proceeds to noble causes; Diabetes and Cancer research programs.

The Very Latest Literary Offering From Zilyon Publishing!!! Rhonny Reaper’s Creature Features Horror Anthology!!! - By cal_in_space | Published April 25, 2011

"Welcome, boils and ghouls, to the first edition of Rhonny Reaper’s Creature Features! The stories within are unique and horrifying, with something sure to satisfy your taste for terror. Whether you like psychological thrillers, tales of revenge and justice, or just a good ole fashion zombie tale, this book is sure to have something for every horror fan to enjoy."

Cal is a big, happy guy who you would either want to have a micro brew with (do NOT tell him I said that), or should he ever appear in a zombie incarnation, you'd want to run like Hell from (THAT you can tell him I said). Cal has written among other books, the "Het Madden, A Zombie Perspective: Book One: WRATH 2012" book. This book is a lot of fun, a Horror Zombie story from the Zombie's perspective.
Even Zombie types like Het Madden

Here is Cal's own brief biography from the site:

Calvin A. L. Miller II Biography

I am a lifelong Horror/Zombie/SciFi nut who decided one day it was time to write a book even though I am much more a movie watcher than a book reader. I had no real plan, but I knew I didn’t want to simply write a different take on something that had been done a lot already. I also felt that a story from the zombie’s point of view needed to be told. I now love to write and I also have a web comic at to keep me busy.

So, you can get a feel for the guy from that. I stand by my contention that, he's definitely a guy you can hang with and have a few laughs. My kind of guy.

Well, I've mentioned just a few of their books. Check them out. Buy a book or two, you can't go wrong. The Anthologies help out some sick people who really need the help and you'll be a part of something very cool.

This is not a feeling you will get when you buy a book from one of the major Publishers.

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