Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth - a movie

I found this very cool project (film) and I really like what they are doing. If you want to throw $15 (or more) to help, go to their site and pledge a few bucks:     Check them out:

Our Story

Exactly one week before Thanksgiving 2008, director John Goshorn was laid off from his job in local television.  

"As I wrestled with questions of why and how, and developed coping strategies, I was also struck by how my circumstances could have been much worse, how desperate I might have become if they were, and why.   As I wrote, I realized that I was far less concerned with the mechanics of the plot than the national – and human – psychology the plot revealed.  Namely, the tendency to believe that we should remain immune from harm, that the end of restoring “what’s ours” justifies whatever action will get us there, and our inability to accept that perhaps the life we perceive to be “ours” was never real in the first place, just an attempt to recreate a fairy tale."  

Over a period of nine months of unemployment, this thinking developed into the story of the feature film, The Happiest Place on Earth:

Days after Jonah and Maggie Price move into their first home, he loses his newspaper job, jeopardizing their dream of finally starting a family after a decade together.  Maggie picks up a second job, and they attempt to muddle through, but Jonah can’t find work and they find themselves in danger of losing their home.  After a particularly humiliating job interview, Jonah retreats to the coast to console himself, but doesn’t come back.  When he is declared missing, Maggie must weigh her material circumstances against her hopes of his safe return.

All that being said, check out the Top 6 sites for raising money for a film.

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