Friday, April 8, 2011

Ten Ways to Break Writer's Block?

1) Get lost in a cave for a day and a half where you continuously hear a young boy calling, "Becky? Becky?" (imagination).

2) Accidentally fall out of an airplane and just happen to notice someone had thrown a parachute out after you (self actualize).

3) Slip over the side of an ice cliff that turns into a 3,000 foot slide (perseverance).

4) Be involved in a terrorist attack where no one gets hurt, but the terrorists (irony).

5) Find that the mummy you just found, is only 60,000 years old rather than 65,000 years old (disappointment).

6) Discover your spouse is having an affair, then remember your name is Gauguin and you are living in Tahiti in the 19th century (insanity).

7) Receive an email indicating that you are definitely not a mega lotto winner in the Nigerian lottery (ludicrousness).

8) Accidentally burn your novel you've been writing since 1999, and where a page that was signed by your favorite novelist, who you ran into at a yard sale (yours), only to discover that you didn't burn it after all but you accidentally sold it at the yard sale, only to realize that the favorite novelist of yours, actually stole it and its now on the NY Times best seller list (envy).

9) Get a call that your miniseries script has been optioned, but you've been written out of it through so many successive rewrites by the studio, that its now more similar to Barney chasing a white whale on an old whaling boat, than your tale of an over weight, overly expressive time traveler who has discovered the secret to cold fusion and brought it back from the future only to discover that someone else has already done that (disbelief).

10) Realize that in finally getting yourself to workout for any length of time, although you may now be falling asleep, you do feel energized to start writing again (despair).

Honestly, seriously, there is no such thing as "writer's block". It is just what we have learned to label a period of time where we do not want to write. When you have writer's block, it is little different from not wanting to work out, to do your chores or many other such tasks. All you have to do, is sit down, or change your writing setting (novelty helps these kinds of things a lot), and write. Ancient East Asian Martial Arts knew this secret, and they have pushed working out in natural settings over that of inside settings.

Using, "No mind", you only need to just write... words. It doesn't matter if the writing is any good, because writing is rewriting, after all. As with working out, it takes getting started, to get going.

Like Nike has touted in their old ads, "Just do it!"

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