Monday, April 18, 2011

The Killing - new AMC show set in Seattle

The Killing, is a new procedural by AMC and set in Seattle.That is to say in this case, another cop show. But I think, perhaps, not just "another", cop show.

I'm finding it very engrossing, well acted and directed and I want to see more. In the pilot, about half way through that episode, it had one of the toughest, most difficult "reveal" scenes I've seen.

I'm always pleased to find shows or movies set in Seattle. The Killing is such a show. Two things really annoy me about this show. One, I never heard of or about it. I accidentally stumbled upon it crusing through the upcoming menu of shows over the weekend. Second, it was shot mostly in Vancouver, British Columbia.

It is from writer, executive producer and series showrunner Veena Sud (Cold Case), The Killing is based on the wildly successful Danish television series Forbrydelsen and tells the story of the murder of a young girl in Seattle and the subsequent police investigation. Season one will consist of thirteen one-hour episodes and airs Sundays at 10PM | 9C. For a full list of The Killing broadcast times, Check out AMC's online schedule.

The murder victim is Rosie, played briefly by the beautiful Katie Findlay, who has also played Ellie on Stargate Universe and Jill on Fringe, two of my other favorite shows. She has a very short play in this series, so to give her a bit of sparkle here, she is Portuguese, Chinese, British and Scottish and was a ballerina for twelve years until she quit due to a back injury and for the opportunity to have "real people feet".

In some ways it's appropriate that this is originally a Danish show. Seattle has a high population of Scandinavians, not just Asians like many think.

The Killing is produced by Fox Television Studios and executive produced by Mikkel Bondesen (Burn Notice) for Fuse Entertainment. Fuse's Kristen Campo co-produces. That, is the good news. The bad news, is that it is filmed in Vancouver, B.C.. Another example of Seattle screwing up and letting yet another show claim it's based in Seattle but being shot in another country entirely.

Vancouver is a kind of sister city to Seattle, but more like that more gregarious sister that gets all the dates and gifts, leaving the misunderstood and just as attractive sister at home all the time. Considering all the films and shows that like Seattle now a days, Seattle really should get its act together so it's viable enough. I can't tell you how offensive it is to watch a show and not recognize scenes, or see them and recognize Vancouver.

In watching the show as I write this, I just saw an establishing shot of Seattle that was obviously the longer skyline of Vancouver. Not that anyone else would notice who never visited Seattle. They do intersperse some establishing shots of actual Seattle and some scenes that do look to have been actually shot in Seattle.

Mireille Enos is Sarah Linden, a Seattle homicide detective investigating the murder of Rosie Larsen. It's interesting and not odd for Scandinavian names in Seattle. Billy Campbell is Darren Richmond, the president of the Seattle City Council who is running for Mayor. Joel Kinnaman is Stephen Holder, Sarah's partner, recently assigned to Homicide from Narcotics, who seems like it, treating everyone he questions like they are something slimy who crawled out from under a rock.

What I can say is that so far, I like the show and I'm happy to give it a chance. Many great procedurals, crime and thrillers have come out of Scandinavia, not least of which are the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" series of books and films. And a long history of excellent dramas and thrillers.


  1. It doesn't rain that hard in Seattle. It drizzles, and not ALL the time. How about a clear day with Mt.Rainier?

  2. Yeah, I hear you! Right? lol But I'll allow them their artist license to create their desired atmosphere and keep reminding myself that this was originally set in Scandinavia. :)