Thursday, March 31, 2011

Demographic Transitions

A 2005 report by the World Watch Institute, what Bill Maher has called, a "Hippy ThinkTank", said, that in countries where there is what they call a "youth bulge" like in Saudi Arabia, 75% of the people there are under thirty years old.

They say this is what causes civil unrest. They call this a "demographic transition", to go from large families with a short life span, to small families with a long lifespan. The thought is that this is a precursor to what typically leads to calls for Democracy.

One suggestion could be not to attack these countries, when they turn instead from what our kids would do, to play hard, instead to terrorism, blowing things up, or flying planes into buildings, to see this happening, and the CIA reports on this frequently, for every country in the entire world (C.I.A.: Central Intelligence Agency, part of their charter, IS to collect "intelligence", that is to say, information, but then to apply commentary upon that, so that then you have, "intelligence" reports; clever how that works isn't it?). Key to this situation, is the lack of jobs for this "bulge" of young people, how can that NOT lead to unrest?

The smart thing to do with countries like this, would be to help along that decrease in population and help to increase the longevity of that countries citizenry. Because then they have a bottom heavy citizenship with no jobs and that leads to civil unrest. As that time approaches, help them to find new industry, found corporations, businesses, ways to manage their country.

How do you do this? One comedian suggested dropping condoms, rather than bombs (yes, Bill said that).

The Tea Party, according to Journalist David Brooks, is a group that uses "Abby Hoffman means to achieve Norman Rockwell ends".

That has no bearing on this.

I just wanted to share that.

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