Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Diane J. Savino: The case for same-sex marriage

I find this so distasteful. that people will worry so much about what their neighbors are doing, that they take it to court, they fight in congress over it, that I worry for the future of our country. I've grown up hearing all this nonsense, all my life: "if blacks get the vote, they'll take over the country, then what will happen?" Okay, well, blacks had already had the vote. But you could plug any agenda item into that and any ethnicity. And same sex marriage is just one more. Fear, ignorance, selfishness (I have, so you can't), it's just the same old bigotry all over again. But we call it based in religion and everyone has to kowtow and back away.

If you want marriage to be a man and a woman, fine, marry an opposite sex partner. I did. In fact, I liked it so many times, I didn't it three and a half times, in my life. But if your neighbor wants to marry someone of the same gender, just how is that your business? 

This is, or used to be, America. We have the right to pursuit of happiness. Remember that concept? It's in the Declaration of Independence. This isn't the Constitution, I'll grant you, but it is the statement, the declaration of what the heart of this nation is meant to be. Or, do you think the Founding Father's should simply be ignored because our country's principles don't add up to what makes you feel comfortable. We were based upon the concept that people that made other governments uncomfortable, would be allowed to live here in freedom and with a lack of persecution. So deal with it. Show some tolerance, or move back to a Middle Eastern Fundamentalist Terrorist country. It's part of what bothers me about the Cradle of Civilization desert religions (Jewish, Catholic/Christian, Islam), religions that in practice, seem to be too intolerant to be allowed to continue in a modern world.
The pursuit of happiness is not supposed to be at the pain of others, but for you to mind your own damn business and seek YOUR bliss. This has nothing to do with stopping someone else from seeking THEIR bliss in life. And if YOUR bliss, is seeking to take someone else's bliss away, then you need a new hobby, mate.

Hours before New York lawmakers rejected a key marriage equality bill (38-24), State Senator Diane J. Savino made the passionate case for a government that recognizes and administers same-sex marriages. Here's her fresh, thought-provoking perspective on one of the most contentious issues in US culture, religion and government.

Diane Savino represents the 23rd Senate District in the New York State Senate.
This week's NPR article:

Republicans Mount Defense Of Anti-Gay Marriage Law

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