Thursday, October 11, 2012

Romney for Nuclear War?

Consider This Scenario, think ahead, speculate a bit:

Romney gets in as president. Eventually they manufacture a war.

Couldn't happen? Really? Remember "W" Bush? Remember Iraq? Remember what never existed? Remember the, WMDs?.

So Romney gets a second term (again, remember Bush?).

Then they manufacture a second incident allowing Ryan to become President. A new and far worse situation evolves from the manufactured incidents over the previous eight years so that it is obvious to everyone what the next step has to be. Almost the entire world agrees. Then it suddenly becomes "necessary" to launch a nuke against a middle eastern country (or North Korea, or someone new).

Pre-emptive nuclear war will then become the new policy.

It will be a "New World Order" that the right wingers were so afraid of. Funny how that New World Order would come from those you least expect it from: those who were most afraid of it (afraid that is, only if it isn't them).

Obama won't seem to have been so bad, then. But by then it will be too late.

So, be very careful who you vote for in the next election. You could end up doing the wrong thing thinking you can't be wrong, and never have a chance to do anything to fix it.

Just remember, if that happens, you were warned.

NPR article, read between the lines, project into the future, use, your imagincation: 
Debate Preview: Romney Aide On How GOP Nominee Would Confront Iran

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