Tuesday, October 23, 2012

EarVu, a Sci Fi Horror story - Part 4

Continuing with part 4 of Ear Vu....
Image by Marvin Hayes

Day 41

The reproduced scenes, our “Ear Vu scenes”, are still vague at distances but are now beginning to look much more like a filmed dream sequence. New compression algorithms of my formulas by Johnson are beginning to refine that. So, it’s only a matter of time.

Breakthroughs are happening faster than we have the time and manpower to run down those many possible directions in which we can go. Of the two scientists here working with me, we are also searching our own personal directions beyond the scope of our daily, scheduled research. In this way we will be able to more quickly map the many implications of practical applications that our discoveries are pointing out. Obvious alternate areas of research initially include: medical, nanotechnology, criminal sciences, and then so many others.

Really, the possible applications are limitless.

Day 57

The metal particles on magnetic tape have more recording capabilities than was ever before conceived. Just as it was recently found that pixels on photographic paper in an exposed photograph can be used to “look around corners” within the frame of any photographed scene, “moving pictures”-- no, that is not quite correct; “continuous motion pictures”, can now be made from analog audio recordings on mag tape.

This brings up some exciting possibilities for movies and such that are shot using continuous filmic devices (i.e., analog magnetic video cameras). From audio tape, we have now successfully reproduced a scene that was actually taking place in the room, next to the room, that the recording was made in.


It is possible that any recording medium will suffice, not just magnetic tape, which is merely the medium of the moment. I have successfully used Ear Vu technology on an antique wire recorder with great success and viewed a scene from 1898 of its Danish inventor Valdemar Poulsen using his "Telegraphone wire recorder device”.

The implications of this seem hard to comprehend. We will actually be able to watch holographic video of scenes from the turn of the last century! Adding to that, we can excise more audio than was previously believed to be stored in this or any other medium.

Today there was a strange amorphous mass that floated through the scene. I fear it’s a glitch or media damage, and will have to examine it more closely.


I sat there annoyed, wondering. Why didn’t he tell us about that? I paged forward.

Tomorrow, Part 5

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