Friday, October 19, 2012

Last note before Monday's Ear Vu story release

Happy Friday! Well, this week has been fun putting together all this background on my story.

This will be my last note before the actual release of my macabre new Horror / Sci Fi story, "Ear Vu".

In a week from Monday I'll publish my original draft of this story. Then you can see how it had changed between the original concept  notes that I wrote a couple of decades ago and my by then, released story.  I will also offer a gift at the end.

But first a bit about my "process".

I've always had a strange way of writing drafts. When I was a technical writer I would have to gather all my resources, talk to the SME's (Subject Matter Experts), then write a draft up; write another draft, show it to my manager, make corrections; then write another draft, show it to the manager at which it was usually about 90% done, make final corrections and usually then, turn it in. I've had more than one manager question if I was going to get the paper done on time or completed fully and correctly. But for some reason, the change from the second to the last draft to the final, was usually quite remarkable.

One new manager I worked with was very concerned but I said not to worry, it's just my process. When I turned in the final draft, she was surprised at how well it all came together and incorporated so many changes so quickly and had became so polished.

"Ear Vu" by Marvin Hayes
It was just my "process". In tech writing there were frequently massive amounts of information needing to be compiled from a variety of individuals that all needed to be drawn up and finalized in a very short amount of time. Sometimes, to get the information from people, some of whom wanted nothing to do with talking to you, you almost needed to be a therapist to draw out what you needed from them. At times you needed to sooth their own time concerns (or ego), in order to get what you need to write the piece.

Why do I bring all this up here, and now? Because all of this had a lot to do with my writing process now. However in this case I'm now the SME. I'm using my mind, my past experiences, my remembered research all leading up to putting "pen to paper" (fingers to keyboard just doesn't have the same ring, does it?), for the current story I was writing, along with some new research and the story developed.

My transitions now from draft to draft are somewhat smoother than when I was tech writing, but those past writing experiences have still all added up to how my stories come together now. I did a lot of research for this little short story leading to a foundation for what exactly the "Ear Vu" technology is.

One recent reader/reviewer remarked how, "this technology actually sounds, reasonable." Which is a big compliment to the work I put in trying to support the contention of the tech for this story.

"Ear Vus" by Marvin Hayes

So. All that being said, just what IS "Ear Vu" technology?

Well, you will only have to wait till next week to find out....

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