Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Next Monday - More on Ear Vu story

A little on my "Ear Vu" story series being posted starting next Monday.

In the story there is a company called the Sonni Corporation. This is not supposed to be the Sony Corporation. It is an invented company for the story and is not a hidden statement about Sony, but a conglomerate company reminiscent of some other real companies. They are diverse in high end electronics and other subsidiaries intimately tied into the military industrial complex.

by Marvin Hayes
Dr. Michaelson, the protagonist/narrator and one of the scientists, did not choose them as their benefactors, that was the choice of the inventor of the Ear Vu technology, Dr. Verne Garrison. Whether that was a wise decision or not, is up to the reader. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. You be the judge.

Find out next week. Maybe....

Tomorrow, I'll give a little more on the main characters.

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