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EarVu, a Sci Fi Horror story - Part 10 - The End

Continuing with the final Part 10 of Ear Vu....
Image by Marvin Hayes

Slowly the beings looked at one another, a shudder seeming to pass over them. Then they froze, as if in realization of something. One of the beings lifted his hand and motioned in an odd sort of way. Both then began to shift into a fractal kind of amorphous mass. “Unnerving”, wasn't quite the right word for it. Disturbing? Terrifying? Then, the scene began again, everything having backed up and replaying… except for the shadow beings who remained in “normal” real time, resolidifying as things returned to “normal”. What? I looked at the remote. It wasn't me.

As if they were trying to rectify a wrong, they had backed up time as easily as Garrison or I had backed up a tape. But it worked about as well for them as it had for us. Each replay only served to replay a scene that was already set. Were they looking for something? Or hoping to change the outcome? But that would be, ridiculous.

Again, Garrison in the hologram was watching the beings in the hologram.

 Then as one they turned their heads to look back at Garrison as if some decision had been made. I knew what was coming next and couldn't take seeing it again. But instead the other being duplicated what the first had done and time again slipped backward and restarted. But that was impossible!

The scene replayed, but nothing changed. It was then that I realized what was happening. These were very powerful beings, but obviously not very bright. They seemed agitated, perhaps in their realization that nothing had changed? Then they seemed to commune together again. And now I knew what was coming next.

As Garrison’s hand went up to his head, his face grimacing in pain, I took it as a queue and hit the “Skip” button and suddenly I was at a point on the tape just after Garrison had been killed. I watched as the beings reconstituted and stood there, facing one another. I watched as they stood there for what seemed a very long time. Then it dawned on me. Something after all, had changed; but what? Leaning in, I continued watching, trying to see what was going to happen next.

The scene was silent. It was then that I remembered that I had the mute on, so I disengaged it; but the scene remained silent. The beings looked down at the floor. Then they continued on around until they were staring right at, me!

A cold shock blasted through my body. But I relaxed when I realized that it was just a coincidence and that they must have heard something coming from the position I was now standing in. So they can hear? Or, feel energy vibrations? Well, same thing, I suppose. I looked behind me, searching for any evidence that may have been left from the other night. Except that there was nothing. So I looked back to see what they did next. And that was when the beings began moving toward me, and growing in size. Spooky.

It was then that I noticed that there was an area near the hologram table that was darkening, for no apparent reason. As if something were moving toward the table here in the lab. As I watched, the dark area turned into a pair of low shadows that vertically grew in size there in the room with me. They seemed to be drawn to the hologram, growing in size until they were equal in width to their counterparts within the hologram which could no longer contain those shadow beings; as if the beings within the hologram and within my room were being drawn together like slow magnets.

The two sets of entities drew together and joined. Blending together they became one and with that motion they stepped suddenly out of the hologram and into the room. My room! It was so smooth and sudden that it took me a few seconds before I realized that we were all now standing there in the same room, together!

So they can make themselves known without our technology!

In the silence of the room I heard the LASER reach the End of Tape sensor and it clicked to a stop. It then automatically started to wind back to its earliest most time as the shadow beings stepped toward me. It seemed obvious to me that they were about to tamper with time as they had before. Perhaps trying once again, but this time pushing far harder than before? Evoking change, but how? And, how could I know all this?

I looked back and they were now only inches away from me. Before I could react, they reached out toward me. I put my hand to my head; pain was growing there, intense pain. A cold sweat broke out on my forehead as one of the beings put his “hand” upon my face and then the room turned dark; dark with energy. I could feel immense power pouring into and around me and then, there was nothing--


Ear Vu Research Journal of Dr. Verne Garrison

Day 1

Today begins our studies of visually viewing from audio mag tapes.


I hope you enjoyed, Ear Vu.

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By the way, that last line in the story? It's key.

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