Thursday, October 25, 2012

EarVu, a Sci Fi Horror story - Part 7

Continuing with Part 7 of Ear Vu....
Image by Marvin Hayes

Day 100

Michaelson must have installed the latest version of the Nano Transduction Module. Playback of the visuals using the NTM show, seemingly with purpose, shadow forms moving around. But perhaps it’s a situation like the studio technicians behind sound proofed glass who are just standing around watching and manipulating the recording process taking place?
Or perhaps we are seeing through multiple walls?

Day 101

On the shadow paradox: I have now proved that they are not the technicians at the recording site but in another room. What I am seeing is in the same room with the recording mics. I have viewed many tapes now and nearly all show these shadows when I use the NTM.

I have sharpened the images. A test tape is now ready to record.


I flipped through the diary but that was all it said about the test tape; in fact, that was all there was. I closed the book, got up and exited the office. I walked over to what we called, “the Wall”, a heavy assemblage of stereo and processor equipment covering an entire wall of the lab. Near the center of the room there was a low table where the hologram would be projected.

Built into this great wall of electronics were also several monitors where we could more closely scan various elements of the process while viewing the hologram. We used them a lot for commercially produced audio tapes so that we could separate out the various spliced sections and tracks.

Johnson had actually been able to find that a man had heart problems by playing a tape and focusing into the man’s chest, then focusing deep into his heart. Every day we were falling ever deeper into amazing things that we could do with this EarVu technology. There is no doubt about it, Garrison is a genius. The CIA had tried to do this for years and always failed to do what we have done in less than a year.

I examined the test tape more closely. It was one of the cassette-sized LASER tapes. These tapes were made of a similar substance as the tapes used in the old 80s film, "Brainstorm". Using a multi-colored LASER rather than magnetic realignment, they were fast, very dense, could store immense amounts of data and were well acclimated to this type of research. The theory went, since light could carry far more information, using this type of storage would yield much more complicated (and bizarre?) reproductions.

The amazing thing about these tapes was that they were relatively inexpensive to produce. It simply called upon technology which had been around for many years. It was how it was all put together that counted.

On the flip side of the tape was a date indicating that it had been made last week. I tapped the cassette on the back of my left hand, thinking. Opening the deck, another tape was in the LASER deck. It had “test 2” written on it. I swapped them, dropped the other into my pocket, then closed the deck and hit rewind. I walked around the hologram table checking data panels as things warmed up. Then something caught my eye. Down near the cables on the ground, there was a dark brown spot. It almost looked like--

I bent down to touch it. It was tacky and rough to the touch. I scraped a few flakes off with my fingernail. I spit into my palm and rubbed my finger in it, suddenly realizing that I was reconstituting a small sample of-- blood.

For a moment, I just stared at it. I looked around the lab again. I searched the floor for more--evidence. But evidence of, what? The maintenance people came through once every few days and were monitored whenever they were allowed in the lab. Tonight I knew they would be here. But that means they hadn't been in since—

I looked at the calendar, realizing that I was probably the first to have seen this.

I pushed the heavy hologram table slightly to the side, exposing more dried blood until, to my dismay, I saw wet, bloody smears. A great deal of blood had been lost here. Someone it seemed, had tried to clean it up, but they had missed some under the table. I stood back up and away, a bit stunned, wiping the blood stain in my palm on my blue shirt, leaving a purplish stain. I touched my forehead only to realize I was sweating.

I picked up the phone and called for security.

Later today, Part 8

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