Wednesday, October 24, 2012

EarVu, a Sci Fi Horror story - Part 6

Continuing with Part 6 of Ear Vu....
Image by Marvin Hayes

Day 81

A rather large collection of audio tapes has grown around the lab. Each researcher has their own preference for the type of music or subject they use as research media. The most popular tape has actually been one of bird calls recorded out in the wild. We have worked out a LASER hologram record/projection unit and the scene it produced is tranquil and extremely beautiful. One could almost smell the scents of the fall season in the mountain meadow. We have discovered some tapes of a less “pristine” nature that are also popular and probably wouldn't get so much attention if we had a more mixed gender type of team.

Today we discovered that one has to remember not to, let’s say, have sex, when recording a tape; else others at a later playback will have the ability to run it through the Ear Vu processors and see everything that happened while the audio was recording. How many tapes of this type are out there in the world? What will this do to considerations of privacy?

The thought of the things we will see in reviewing old audio tapes is both disquieting and a little mind boggling. I’ve begun auditing my own personal audio recordings at home and have put several into my personal safe. There are two that I’m considering destroying.

Anyone having any thoughts that the desire of privacy will lead to actual privacy, already rapidly becoming a thing of the past, with Ear Vu technology there will now no longer be any grounds of expecting it whatsoever. Our research shows that sometime in the future it may be possible to view everything within a wide range of the recording device, whether or not the microphones were even accessible.

So far this technology does not work very well with old vinyl recordings. So for now, it is in magnetic media where the wealth of data is being collected and analyzed. We received the enhancement chip prototype today around noon and will have to install it when we have time.

EarVu technology will throw intelligence agencies the world over into chaos. Certain aspects of this frankly, terrify me.


I smiled. I remember that day. Not thinking, Johnson had scanned us a tape he’d made at home years ago. Suddenly, he and his wife were naked and having sex in a hologram in the lab. I chuckled and continued on to--

Day 98

I had some tapes sent over from the University Medical Center of a man having a heart attack, dying patients, and so forth. When I played it back I discovered there are shadows nearby that always seem to fade as a person gets closer to death. That is the opposite of the behavior I might expect to see by de-energizing? Are we seeing the sprit or soul dissipating? I must study this further.
That stopped me dead in my tracks. What the hell was going on? Why was Garrison holding back so much from us? What if intelligence agencies hear of this? What if they have? 

Tomorrow, Part 7

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