Friday, August 17, 2012

Washington State's First Real Legalize Cannabis TV Ad

I saw my first real pro Cannabis commercial (link from Huffington Post) on TV in Washington State yesterday.
TV ad from New Approach Washington
In it, a "soccer mom" type in a coffee shop says:

“I don’t like it personally, but it’s time for a conversation about legalizing marijuana," the woman in the ad says. "It’s a multimillion dollar industry in Washington State and we get no benefit. What if we regulate it?”

And then she gives reasons to legalize and tax it. On the Huffington Post article they say:

"A recent survey found broad levels of support for I-502, with 55 percent approving, 32 percent opposing, and 13 percent saying they were still undecided. A similar poll in January found lower levels of support, leading some to believe that the initiative is still gaining momentum heading toward November."

The TV ad is from New Approach Washington (you can see the video direct on their site) and God knows we can use a new approach on this issue. It's gone on long enough. We've wasted enough resources on it for far too many years, ruined too many good citizens lives over it. On their site they also ask, "What could $582,000,000 every year do?" And I agree with their answer: "a lot."

From an ABC News report, Mercer Island Washington Police Chief's reason not to legalize it? That it will make his job harder. Seriously? Give me a break. Your job isn't to have an easy job, that's why you are in Law Enforcement. He says that it's only reason for its use is to impair people. I would like to know one thing from him then, if he's ever had a beer? Yes, alcohol has medicinal qualities too; but that's no reason to legalize it if it were illegal today; nor is it now for Cannabis. That's, not the point. If we have such great freedoms in this country, why is it illegal?

Yes, I vote we legalize it. Enough already. Read a book. Use knowledge that is freely available and not being pushed by fearmongers, some police, judiciary and legislature. There are plenty of ex police and judges who are begging us to legalize? What not those currently in their positions? Because they are afraid of those who are pushing an agenda of fear and profiting from it being illegal. Really, it all comes down to who is making money on Cannabis being illegal NOW.

Besides, IF it's being legal is such a serious problem, then it will go haywire if legalized. People will start killing for it, robbing homes for it, molesting children, killing on the highways, being stoned at work all the time. Cat's and dogs will start living together, jello will rain from the skies. And no one will be able to tell you're high, unlike alcohol where you can at least smell it, and the person wobbles a bit and can't drive well (like on cocaine) so it's easier to tell, and we'll have to make it illegal again at that point and that will end the debate.

Or, it won't be that big a deal and we can stop wasting valuable resources debating it and putting people in jail over it. Not to mention, boosting the tax base. Seems to me the only people benefiting are the Police and judicial departments. With a drastic decrease in Pot crimes, they are going to loose funding for arresting criminals who are no simply longer criminals.

Bill Maher chimes in on Medical Marijuana On Huffinton Post. I agree with him that President Obama in his second and last term as President may just finally do what needs to be done. Not only on this subject but on others, like government reform. On that topic, do we really want another first term President in office and have to wait another four years for something to get done? Not to mention the nonsense that will ensue if Romney gets into office. But that's another issue altogether.

In another news release from The Olympian: "New Wash. marijuana group disbanding."

"Seattle lawyer and Safe Access Alliance president Kurt Boehl (BALE') said Wednesday the group will dissolve. Boehl said he formed the trade industry organization because he thought there was a need to help marijuana-related businesses in the state, but he and the rest of the board of directors decided it was best to call it quits after the firing spectacle.
Group spokesman Philip Dawdy held the news conference to discuss opposition to the marijuana legalization ballot measure going before voters this fall, Initiative 502. But Boehl said that wasn't the message he wanted to convey, and he fired Dawdy as the news conference ended."
I don't know. Maybe he was a mole from the other side?

Either way, I'm seeing progress on this issue.

I just recieved this email from

"According to the report, passage of Amendment 64 would produce at least $60 million in revenue and savings, with the potential to top $100 million in annual revenues within 5 years. Amendment 64 would also create hundreds of jobs, mostly in construction, and generate tens of millions of dollars annually for Colorado public school construction."

"This is information every Colorado voter needs to see before they cast their vote for Amendment 64. That's why we've created a simple page that'll make it easy for you to share the report with your friends and family. Can you do your part to help spread the word?

"Click here to help us spread the word about this new, crucial report.

"On this page, you'll also find a link to read the full report from the Colorado Center for Law and Policy.I thought this would be over by the early 1980s. It's really time to legalize it and lay the issue aside. Let's get on with more important issues now. And if we can make money to help this country from Cannabis, let's get on with it!

You know, I remember telling friends in the 1970s, feeling rather assured of myself, that I thought this would be over by the early 1980s. It's embarrassing to this nation that it has gone on this long. Too many people have suffered over this. It is really time to legalize it and lay the issue aside.

Let's legalize this now so we get on with issues so much more important to the citizens of this State and Nation. And if we can make money from it to help this country, let's get on with it!

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