Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Abort the Pro-Life movement and stupidity NOW

Please excuse this following article. It was written in very little time and through the eyes of bittersweet anger and sullen dissappointment in my country, for even allowing the kind of ignorance and stupidity that has been enabled to prosper in the public discourse that we have been so painfully subjected to these past decades and, especially during this current presidential election year. It is therefore a somewhat raw and pained diatribe and it comes through rather clearly in that vein of a heartfelt betrayal with a denied expectation of promise that was allowed to fall down so low, in a country with so much, potential and immense availability of possibilities. By this time in our history we should be enlightened individuals looked up to by the world and never let down.

Yet here we are, and here it goes....

First thing. We need a law that men are no longer allowed to talk about any issues having to do with women and their female parts. End of story. Too bad though, some men have good and helpful things to say. But overall, they've (we've?) pretty much by this point, screwed themselves out of, well, having any reasonable right to having a say in what women should or should not be allowed to be doing. Don't you think?

Look, Republicans have shown time and again that they do not respect women, or all Americans. They respect themselves, typically white and/or those more wealthy, than less. Typically with crazy agendas based on Sharia law. No, wait, that's another crazy group.

There are two sides to "Life" in Pro-Life that they conveniently choose to forget (back to that lower down in this blog, a lot more). Life is, Living, being alive, and Life is, living life, the quality of life.

Republicans (and I'm referring to their RNC platform, who they carefully have crafted themselves to be, literally, written out) keep trying to stop the "wrong people" from voting, that is, anyone who would vote against them by gerrymandering when possible (not such a big issue I understand), and lately by decreasing the voters who can vote through voting times and picture IDs. Very slick attempts but they should be stopped, jailed for even suggesting it in some cases, and the GOP ended as a party if it keeps these types of actions up. Absetee voting should perhaps be made mandatory to end the Republicans trying to stop people from voting. Trying to limit legal voters, is anti-American, there are laws against it and they skirt those with deftness and walking very fine lines.

It's very American to vote, to be allowed to vote, and quite against the law to be tampering with people's rights to voting.


I've been thinking alot about this "Pro-Life" designation. It's such a great sounding sound bite. Pro-Life. How can you be against something like that? But those who push that agenda, are kind of nuts about things. All this rape talk for instance, anti-abortion, redefining rape so it's not even rape. It's kind of nuts. It's offensive to women. It's offensive to Americans. Pro-Life is starting not to seem so much, pro anything. They are killing their own agenda. They need to be brought back under control. They need to be, stopped.

I think the other side from the "Pro-Lifers" needs their own catch phrase.

What a lovely guy
At first I liked the phrase, Pro-Killing. But I assumed I would be alone in that one. It was diametrically opposed to the other side's phraseology. But kind of negative sounding. Regardless of all this talk from Republicans about caring so much about "life" they care so little care for people who are already here, for Americans, but mostly for women.

A female friend of mine just told me something interesting today:

"I met bush at a women's business chamber luncheon before he was Gov and he was talking about women needing to be barefoot in the kitchen making home made apple pie. I was astonished at his arrogance and the women who were hanging on to his every word and waiting for an autographed picture. I think we are in trouble."

That is quite obviously something that is endemic in the Republican party today. Women don't amount to much. Maybe if you asked them, they would say of course they do. But we are our actions and if you look at their actions, and even their words when they are speaking, they have very, very little respect or care for women, or Americans, unless they are, basically, "them". Well off, not a mintority, not a woman. It's disgusting.

Back to the phrase...I thought of "Pro-Female" but that sounds too intimidating to the male Republicans I'm sure and would remind them of those secret friends, the friends they talk of to no one; "hookers" (Pros) and no one would want to give them any slack if they got pregnant and wanted an abortion (unless I'm sure, it was some Congressman's illigetimate child); though why we'd want hookers to have kids is beyond me.

Then I thought of Pro-Not-having-women-in-back-alleys-dying-from-bad-abortions which was the original reason to give women the choice, but I figured, who cares if women want to break the law and die from it rather than giving them a break and proper medical and mental health care; after all, this isn't the 60s where everyone was reevaluating things and thinking humanistically, considering people's personal freedoms and trying to be intelligent, forward thinking and progressive individualsand groups of caring people.

Hell no. These are the times of being conservative, because we are too afraid not to be. The times of hiding our beliefs, because our government is kind of scary anymore and watches us too closely and reads our email and listens to our phone calls and goes around the world starting wars and torturing people.

These are the times of being overly politically correct. The times of poor education and rejecting immigration because it's better that people get educated and leave, or get educated elsewhere and not come here to share innovations. These are times of seeing the results of decades of our education system be systematically decimated to the point that we see people speaking out of total ignorance and utter bullsized fecal matter in public and vote in the idiots and rich elites to take advantage of us because we are too damn stupid, ignorant or cowardly to take back our country from the ignorant and superstitious masses who are trying to run the show.

A friend of mine was just pointing out that Todd Akin may be fun to make fun of with his views on "Legitimate" Rape and all; there certainly is a lot of fuel there to ignite, but it loses the point and how dangerous he and his attitude is, as it is devaluing date rape, "ruffying" women into unconsciousness and saying that only some kinds of rape are really, truly, "Rape".

To push it further they are saying that many rapes are wanted in some way; that if you get pregnant through rape, you mustn't have not wanted it enough or else your body would have rejected it. Really? I guess if you are sent to prison and get gang prison raped, you must have wanted it because if you didn't want it then God wouldn't have allowed it to happen to a true believer (Job is cringing in his grave, trust me).

What utter nonsense!

Why do you think "War Rape is used by foreign invading militaryaround the world throughout Human history have "raped, robbed and pillaged" invading territories? To replace local children with that of the invading hosts, dumbass! And how? Rape induces pregnancy. It's like, statistical. Rape ten women, maybe half of them will get pregnant. But those women didn't want those babies. In fact, many women will commit suicide over it.

Consider what it must be like to have a growing residual reminder of a violent act growing in you for nine months and then birthing from you a living life long example of the man that raped you. Obviously before these men can speak on this topic, they need to be prison raped and see if they still agree on the topic of what you want or don't want. Except they won't get pregnant; but we now have the ability to make them pregnant. How would they feel then? Raped by a big burly ugly guy in prison, maybe with ten of his friends there helping and then you have to remember that the rest of your life and raise that child from it.

Nice, huh? Yes, Todd Akin, you're an ass.

A couple of things here. Two really. What is rape defined as and is this just about American women?

The Explanatory Note of the Rome Statute, which binds the International Criminal Court, defines the "rape" as follows:

"The perpetrator invaded the body of a person by conduct resulting in penetration, however slight, of any part of the body of the victim or of the perpetrator with a sexual organ, or of the anal or genital opening of the victim with any object or any other part of the body." and "The invasion was committed by force, or by threat of force or coercion, such as that caused by fear of violence, duress, detention, psychological oppression or abuse of power, against such person or another person, or by taking advantage of a coercive environment, or the invasion was committed against a person incapable of giving genuine consent."

Foreign Policy, Akin-Style: How the U.S. Denies Abortions to Women Raped in War - August 12, 2012, article in The Atlantic. You may not want to stand up and fight for yourself in this matter, but if American women won't fight for themselves, it translates to how America acts around the world. Maybe we don't have too much War Rape in the US, but it is prevalentstill, all around the world.

According to the article in The Atlantic, "When rape is used as a weapon of war in places like Congo or Bosnia, thousands of women and girls can become pregnant, but a piece of 39-year-old U.S. legislation means that few if any aid groups are allowed to provide or even discuss abortion services with them."

So many of these women end up birthing and raising children that were inseminated when they were raped by "the enemy"; men who may have killed many in their family, maybe even right in front of them. And then raped them. And statistics show that even "friendlies" may get involved, once the rape starts in these situations.

But that's not here, that's not now (not here and now anyway) and getting back to my phrase, finally I just settled on, the "Women's Movement", and I thought, hey, maybe that will get some attention. Or, perhaps they will just be considered too "commie pinko socialist" and the media won't even listen to them. At least not at Fox News.

I think it's time to burn the bras again ladies.

But let's go one step further this time. Start burning the rest of that underwear too. Stop putting out, stop putting in (say no to tampons, see if that gets you some attention). Stop putting up with all this nonsense and shut the door on these idiotic (mostly) guys! Okay, maybe that's extreme. Maybe, just scream, about it. That can work, too. Or talk softly and carry a big stick, or a big complaint, and don't stop complaining about it. Till someone does something and no one talks as they have been lately.

If you're married to one of them, one of these conservativeright wing nut cases? Then maybe you should lose your "Woman Card" if you don't stand up to them and your religion and just say no. No more! Right? Really though, say it more like, "Uh uh Mother F*er, back OFF till you learn some respect for women. And while you're at it, read a damn book based on some Mo' Fo' Reality!"
Okay, you can be as "Lady-like" as you like about it.

But, point that all out to them, to the world!
You're a woman!
You don't have to take this anymore!

It's 2012 for Heaven's sake, not that Heaven seems to have much to do with it.
Use those ovaries, that vagina! YOU use it, don't let those other abuse it!
Whichever... these are all after all, YOURS! 
You simply don't have to put up with it.
Don't let them try to cower you beneath the banners of God and Man. I'm a man, I don't want this for you. You're a Woman for God's sake; let them know it.

Tell these jokers that if they want to get into it, they need to stay out of it, at least in public. When they grow a pair of breasts (okay, a vagina), THEN they can have a say in women's issues. Why are women letting men decide these things for them... still?

Again, this is 2012 for God's sake (figure of speech)! For Your sake! For the sake of women around the planet. Because I'm not seeing any God standing up for you, just people who think they know all about God, and doing the talking for Him. Or, hopefully from what I'm seeing, Her. Or maybe better to think God a man, right? I mean, look how things have been going?

Kick some dumb conservative ass, ladies! There's plenty of it to go around. Just turn on the TV and pick someone.

Stop everything related to them till they catch a clue! Make their lives a living hell like they seem to want to do to you. Why am I telling you this? If you already know this, stop reading. If you are getting the idea, finally, then keep reading, but better, do something about it.

I'd like to get up tomorrow and see gangs of woman nationwide, saying, "NO MORE!"

Start up every action you can think of against all this ignorance until They learn THEIR place! This isn't my fight, not really. I am after all, male. But I'm there talking them down when it comes up, and laughing at them sometimes; but it's not really very funny, is it?

You know, there is one saving grace....

One thing that I love about some of these politicians pushing their religious agendas in government and public forums. There is a core of, let's say, Christianity, for instance. There are a lot of Christians in the country talking out, and saying a lot of right wing nonsense. So they are putting themselves up as knowledgeable and therefore, targets, basically. There are many Christian offshoots. Some are way off line. Some are simply way out of reality even in a religious sense.  Even by Christian (or religious) standards.

If you push these kinds of ridiculous agendas in the public democratic forum and you are off even a little sometimes, it can be like guiding a starship in space. If you're off even a little bit at the beginning, it can be mere inches; by the time you get down the line, when you least expect it, you will be way, wayyyy off from where you expected to be... and the thing is, you see, EVERYONE else sees it, too!

And in politics, that can easily be a death knell. So there is hope. Maybe a lot of these fools will simply fade away to the old people's home for lost political and religious fools.

But you know, you still have to stand up and you may have to do some screaming about it.

[Postscript: Obviously I know we can't do things like make the Republican Party illegal, although they are currently not a legitimate major political party in Washington State because of the recent Dino Rossi fiasco which is why the Libertarian Party of Washington state sued their state secretary of state recently, claiming that Mitt Romney's name should be removed from the general election ballot); but I think you get my drift about how unsettling all of this is and just how upset American as a country should be about it's present day politics. Any country surely, has its issues with how much foolishness is involved in their all coming together to make decisions that govern a disparate populace; but there needs to be a certain level of intelligence and cooperation involved; two things that seem to have plummeted or dissappeared completely in recently times. We need to get back to being that "Great Nation" and leading the world in not just intelligence and compassion, but in cooperation and settling not always on lowest common denominator, but the highest possible level of consideration and action that is best for all, and not merely a sad compromise that leaves everyone involved lacking. We need now more than ever, foresight, progressiveness and intelligence in a modern age of rapidly changing environments. We are experience rapid change now faster than ever before and it is only going to increase in speed. We had better get our act together quickly. Otherwise, we won't have any kind of chance in saving either our planet, or ourselves.]

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