Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Legitimate Rape? Forcible Rape? Really? How did we get here?

How DID we get here?

Where did people like Paul Ryan and worse, Todd Akin come from? How did this mindset develop after the many hard fought civil rights marches for freedom, women's rights, and intelligent thought to fight racism, sexism, and plan old fashioned stupidity?

Well, maybe it goes something like this....

And on the 7th day God said:

"I will give Man Critical Thought! Maybe. Yes? Oh, God... I'm tired. And now I'm talking to myself, I need a rest. So... CT, no CT? CT? No CT? Hmmm... Well, how about I just don't give it to everybody? So, all those who call themselves conservatives and especially so, in My Name, will not get Critical Thought, as after all don't you know? You won't know will you, and you won't need it. You will simply need to do My Will, what I've told you to do."

But little did God know that people would misinterpret Him and get information about him from stupid people. Nor did he know about comic books that would one day appear many tens of thousands of years in the future and how that would one day subvert the entire history of the Human race for a certain small, but overly vocal minority who would push the agenda they believed God set forth for them while having no idea that it was really just a joke purpetrated by a squirly little nerdy man in a basement in south Milwalkee who had a peculliar sense of humor and no idea what harm he could do by publishing a set of comic books indicating such "hilarious" things as the world is only 6,000 years old and abortion is a sin and maybe blowing up other people in abortion clinics and planned parenthood clinics isn't such a bad idea after all. He just assumed everyone would see it was dark humor and after all the women's rights marches he had marched in, and civil rights marches he had been in, that it was a foregone conclusion that no one anywhere would ever consider repealing these hard won things....

And so it was. And so it is.

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