Friday, August 17, 2012

My ebook novella Andrew is free for today

My Horror / Speculative Fiction novella, "Andrew", is free today only, on Amazon.

Cover Art by Hannah Hayes
"Andrew", is the story of a young child, only five years old, who is trapped in his own mind due to a traume suffered by him only recently. He has been placed in the car of his Aunt and Uncle, an older, caring couple who have no idea how to raise a child and certainly not a child in such a situation as Andrew.

Whatever happens to Andrew during this formative time of his life, will set the course for the entire rest of his future, and of Humankind.

As the story progresses, we jump ahead to see how his childhood has affected him as an adult and what choices he ends up making. Choices that were set by his parents in how they were raising him, before the traume changed this life forever, but not the path he was already on.

But there is another watching him. Someone no one can see. Andrew is not alone, yet he couldn't be more alone than he is. In a way, he is the most alone person on this planet. And he needs help. All of Humanity needs him to be helped.

But no one... knows.

Where does this story end? Does it end? For the answer to this read, "Andrew". But for ther rest of the answers, see where this all ends(?) in, "Death of Heaven" (also available in paperback). - Cover Art by Marvin Hayes

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