Thursday, September 8, 2011

Turn yourself on, it's a capability

People can turn themselves on.

It's a capability. We all have and typically, it is misinterpreted as, "God". Before that, it was merely, "Heaven". Before that, it was "up there". And it all came of the darkness.

But all you have to do, to do it, is, to do it. Think about the Heavens, about a God image, about some "power" above you, out there. And voila, there it is. But it doesn't have to be about religion, or God. It can also be evoked through self actualization, or simply accepting a connection to a force outside of yourself.

Why, you ask? Or, more appropriately, how is this the case?

You see, when we were once all monkeys. Okay, okay, maybe YOU were never a monkey, but evidence looks pretty good that we have descended from some species other than Homo Sapiens. Homo Sapiens came from Hominids. Before that we came from a species that we branched off from, as did the African apes, like gorillas and chimpanzees. But basically, we started up in trees. Theory has it, we came down into the tundra, then went back up into the trees and finally came back down and stayed down. Then we lived in what we could find, holes in the ground, caves, and eventually made dwellings that were temporary, then more permanent.

But when we hung around the trees, should we be in danger, we know instinctively that if we went to a tree, then we were safe. If something followed us up off the safe ground into the trees, in extraordinary circumstances, we would climb higher. In so doing, genetically speaking, we began to learn that up is good. Up, is Life. Up, is "Heaven".

If we were saved by climbing to the smaller branches up so high where we are safe because the heavier, predators could not follow, then later, when we are below, if we happened to look up, we would quite easily see that, simply put, UP is Good. It was indeed, Life. In many ways, it was, Heaven. It was not so much a name as a concept, an unspoken, undeclared thought that was burned into her genetic memory, if you will. If you will not, then I can't help you with that. But if not, just as a shorthand, let's go with that.

At some point, we also gave the name "Heavens" to what is simply, far up, high above, as above as you can get. Up there, especially at night, or during the day considering the sun, the clouds, other imagined considerations came to be. Eventually, the two Heaven concepts merged. Spoken language emerged. Two thought concepts because two spoken concepts.

People then tried to share that, to have others "feel the light" to experience, Heaven.

It got a bit messy for a variety of reasons. There were different cultural reasons, geographical ones, mutation issues. There were differences biologically, environmentally, socially. One group therefore viewed the same thing as slightly different. When the two shall meet, awkwardness reared its ugly head.

And so to simplify things, they made rules to govern that,

Eventually, written language came to be and they wrote books to share these things, some which became holy texts for an obvious reason. In the beginning all writings, all books, were considered to some degree to be holy. Numbers, commerce became holy of a sort as it lead to an indirect correlation to food, subsistence and survival. At this point, too much had become holy. There was a cut back. Some didn't like that. And so there was bloodshed.

But in the end, there was a whittling down of what was holy. Some stuck to their beliefs and either died out or came to power. Over time, it was forgotten how we came to believe some of the things we believed. Later, it was considered ill mannered to question these things. At some point, it became sacrilege even.

In a world the size of ours, with the geographical barriers we have to deal with, some groups were cut off from others for a great long time, so that when they ever at some point, came to know of one another, beliefs had changed so much that they were unrecognizable to one another. It was ill mannered, and quickly, sacrilege, and that of course, means death, dismemberment, even cannibalism.

But time passed and we became more "civilized". Still, we didn't let go of some of our ancient thoughts and this lead to yet more difficulties. And so we killed some more. Some learned that you don't kill others who see things differently. We learned that those who see things differently, can actually aide you in your search for luxuries of ease of life and even enlightenment. But not everyone ever, grows up at the same speed.

And so some, languished in holding on to their ancient beliefs.

And a few began to realize that some of what was considered just the way it is, is the way it is, because it was the way it was, and no longer should be. But they were the few. It was sad for them. But the many tried in many ways to crush the few.

Still, it takes time for change and the more functional and actual to come to be once one has been bred int darkness, originally. For the light to shine in, one must let go of long held beliefs that one grew up from childhood to think, is simply the way things are, how they have always been, and why shouldn't they continue to be that way?

So now, when one looks around, this is what we see all around us.

It is time, you know, to start to make decisions based upon what you can see, what is reasonable, and is born of what you know now, and not what your vastly ancient ancestors knew then. And that is the beginning of the road to enlightenment.

Simply put, to try to see the light, and to stop seeing what was born of the dark.

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