Friday, September 9, 2011

Childrearing, socialism, confusion

My brother sent out an email to friends and family this week:

"ALERT: A massive sleeper cell of socialists who seek to undermine the Constitution and remake society have infiltrated our highest levels of government!" from

 If you are fearful of socialism in our country, go ahead, get on that web site. But I'm not sure what the issue is. A fear of socialism?

Last night I was watching the series finale of FX Channel's "Rescue Me", Denis Leary's show. In it, Leary's character Tommy, retires from the New York Fire Department after an intense history with it. In the last episode, he goes with his daughter to the park so his son can play in the playground with other kids (actually his deceased brother's son by his wife, it's a long story).

Tommy finds that things have changed since he was a kid. He is told by other parents that the toys his son brought along, are actually (basically) community property as it is a community property playground. Isn't that socialism? It would seem that is how things are going in the US now. Or they just made it up. I don't know.

But I do know, that I pretty much agree with Tommy. The other parents said that his son can play with his toys anytime he wants at home, and while he is at the public (socialist) park with other kids, he will have to get in line to play with his own toys. As they played it out in the episode, there were barbies and dolls the other children, mostly girls, brought. Tommy obviously had issues about the feminization of his son and ended up leaving, or being thrown out by the other parents, that wasn't really clear.

Still, I think there are issues about the child getting to the park and not being able to play with his own toys. I was always taught to share, which is a completely different thing than losing ownership of your own belongings. Not to mention, maybe the child isn't allowed to play with his "outside" toys when he is inside at home.

As for my brother's email, it would seem that those in congress, are only the tip of the iceberg and in reality, America has gone that direction. Frankly, we need more socialist programs, we need to understand what our government can and should be doing FOR us. For, US, for the U.S. I don't believe in a socialist government, but a government IS there to protect and support its citizenry. Not to plunge us into debt, or wars, or abuse of its citizens.

I think that is may be a moot point at this time, to cry about the nation turning socialist. It's there. But I don't think you need to worry too much. Besides things seem to find their own level. They will bounce up and down for a while, and then settle into a functional level, hopefully one that is where we need it to be.

So, you can fight all you want, hammer on the congress all you want, but what is going to happen, is already happening. So relax. Speak your mind, that will help hone the situation to a reasonable degree.

But don't delude yourself into thinking that you are going to stop it. It's too late.

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