Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Next major Gulf Oil Spill: Cuba?

Can anyone tell me, why we are continuing any longer to embargo Cuba? We started this with Pres. Kennedy's government in the early 60s. Are we really still worried about Cuban Communism (or cigars) infecting America?

This has bothered me for years, actually since the movie, "Scarface" came out. In recent years, with Castro's decline in health and advanced age, I really don't understand why we don't just open Cuba up to Americans and American companies and government. Before we have to, that is.

The only reason I've heard in recent decades about why we don't reestablish relations with Cuba was, number one, Castro is still in charge (he's not now) and two, the Cuban emmigrants are strongly opposed to it. Okay, too bad. The argument goes that they want their relatives to have a better life and supporting Castro's communist regime will only give sustainability to the status quo.

But this has been proven wrong time and again and by establishing trade and commerce again with Cuba the Cuban people will only benefit from it. Not only that, but if you want to bring down a communist country, introduce capitalism and product. They practically jump the ship to go American at that point.

So, what's holding us up? Stupidity? Simply not caring?

There is a good reason, beyond just doing it. Oil. After the recent Gulf oil spill, as concerned as we are about our environment, we have to consider now, opening channels to this small country off our shores in the Caribbean.

Why? Because. I said so.

Okay, I'll even give you a reason.

As reported on the Global Post web site, preparations made for six wells to be drilled off the Florida coast, with aid from China. U.S. experts estimate the wells could contain five billion barrels of oil. China built the massive drilling rig, and Hugo Chavez' Venezuela, is providing drilling and production expertise. The Spanish firm, Repsol, with partners in Norway's Statoil and Italy's Saipem, will oversee the operation.

If they have a spill, it could be potentially catastrophic. Yet, with the spill so close to our shores, we are legally bound by law not to interfere.

How, in the world, does that make any sense at all?

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