Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I had never heard of PublishAmerica.com before today. Someone posted on a facebook group for writers asking if anyone had experienced any difficulty with them. I looked around and found three sites regarding this right off. Not a good sign. Interesting to note, also that the first seven results on the Google page were for (and undoubtedly paid for by) PublishAmerica.com. In my book never a good sign.

I don't know but I would suggest staying away from them. Here is the first paragraph from that last URL by poster JennaGlatzer:

"Here's an analysis of some of the reasons I don't recommend PA. Below, other writers will tell you more...
--"The majority of our books that are sold retail are sold in physical brick and mortar bookstores."

I dare you to walk into any brick and mortar store and find even one copy of one PublishAmerica book. Authors have gone crazy trying to get their books shelved, but they can't (unless they find a sympathetic local manager) because the books are unedited, print-on-demand, overpriced, and nonreturnable. None of this is explained on PublishAmerica's site, of course. Authors are repeatedly led to believe that their books will be "available in bookstores nationwide," that they'll be invited for book signings, etc. Meanwhile, Barnes & Noble has sent letters to PublishAmerica authors to say that they WILL NOT stock PublishAmerica books."

Someone else there, Patricia, said this:

"Press release, if sent at all, rejected by most major and small town newspapers."

Short version:

Your book won't be on the shelves in any stores unless you go in person and beg. And not even that is guaranteed.

James D. Macdonald said:
"Here's why your local bookstores will be hesitant to stock your books:

  • High cover prices
  • Short discounts
  • Non-returnable books
  • Poor editing/poor production values
Here's why the stores you don't visit won't stock your book:
All of the above plus:
  • No salesforce
  • No catalog
  • No trade advertising
  • No major reviews"
I know the urge to become a published author, but stay away from these kinds of people. Find small press publishers, check book stores for their books. Research before you leap, is the key thought here. If it sounds too good, it is too good, is another prime contender. I know many authors are desperate to become published. I fully understand that feeling. But tis better to never become published than to be scammed. 

Before you ever do or sign anything, look them up on Google, or elsewhere, read what other people say, check with the Better Business Bureau, Writer's Guild of America, East OR West.

Always remember, think, research, look around before you Leap.


  1. My name is Darryl Owens I'm the author of sworn not to betray, Feburary will be the second royalty period for the above mentioned novel, in the contract is states author shall recieve annual pre sales statements, so far publishamerica hasn't sent me one pre sales statement, for sworn not to betray nor have I recieved one for my second novel, A silent killer within. The royalty statement I recieved for sworn not to betray, had no detailed breakdown of how books were sold or where they were sold from as stated in the contract. It just stated all twenty two books were sold at the same price of fifthteen dollars and some odd cents. My primary objective was to get published and hope maybe someone would hopefully discover I had the talent to be a writer. But I'm more an more everyday all my work that went into writing these two novels were all in vain. Cause nothing positive has come out of being signed with publishamerica. all I get from them is solicitations for giving them money I don't have as a homeless struggling author. They lie about everything

  2. Sorry to hear that. I'm looking into this kind of thing myself, either normal publisher or online somehow. Still learning that area, but hearing good things about Amazon, smashwords and can't remember the other one. The whole thing though is intimidating to author's. Some seem to thrive with it, but I suspect most of us are writers, not marketers and it's simply foreign to us. At the very worst you have to pick yourself up, learn from yoru mistakes and start all over again. Sucks, but I'd never let some criminals stop me from doing what I want to get out of life. There's a lot of talk about putting up a part or all of your book online for free as a loss leader bringing readers to your other works. Might be a good idea at this point if publishamerica is going no where and start distancing yourself from them. Best of luck.

  3. I was just told by a publisher friend of mine that they are having problems with smashwords, though I know other authors who are doing well on there and happy with them. So, it sounds kind of hit or miss. Rough time for authors all around I guess.