Friday, March 25, 2011

On Being... Cool

Be Smart! Be Cool!
Think outside the box. Be Brilliant. Be Cool.

If you must, be bully, capital, hot, groovy, hep, crazy, nervous, far-out, rad, or for the surf elite among you, be tubular, baby.

But never, ever, TRY to BE Cool. That simply never works and frequently ends in a crash and burn, scenario.

But if you Think, be as Brilliant as you can, seek unusual and original ways to view the world, you will inevitably end up having someone, sooner or later, say, "That's cool!"
Which is second only to, "You're Cool!"

If you can then Keep your Cool, then you may eventually be elevated to that esteemed status of Being Cool.
The Loopita chair, by designer Victor Aleman

Is it important to Be Cool? No, not really.

But it is desirable in some ways for some things and it can lead, if properly handled, to things of elevated delight.

Being cool, has really gotten a bad rap and bad rep, because people have as usual, gone over the edge in trying to make it the end all, be all, of what one would want to achieve. Much like they have done in acquiring money, or enjoying sex, or drugs for that matter (a little of something good is great, a lot of what is great is not good).

Nothing wrong with being rich, but there is something wrong with making that the priority above all others, above family, above friends, above quality of life, etc.

Sometimes being cool leads to questions, to some being completely turned off to your possible, "coolness". But that's okay. You can never please everyone, can you?

Just be yourself, whoever you are. Be the best, the most, the brightest, you can be. Think different. Seek new ways of seeing things. Stay calm. Be patient. But sometimes, don't be patient. Don't talk too much. The quieter you are, the smarter you will seem. But when you have something to say, say it, loud and with as much class as possible

Now, consider this....

Cool usually implies merely a high degree of self-control, but it may also indicate aloofness. So, to be cool, is also to be detached from things to some degree, to remain calm when others are not. To seem to have a worldliness over that of others in your immediate vicinity.

Unless you hit the media and go world wide, then you have a new consideration, that of International review and consideration. Then you need Universal Cool. If that happens then let's hope you are ready for it, because that takes an entirely other kind of Coolness.

TheFreeDictionary makes these interesting comments about "cool", that is really, very enlightening:

"Our Living Language The usage of cool as a general positive epithet or interjection has been part and parcel of English slang since World War II, and has even been borrowed into other languages, such as French and German.

"Originally this sense is a development from a Black English usage meaning "excellent, superlative," first recorded in written English in the early 1930s. Jazz musicians who used the term are responsible for its popularization during the 1940s. As a slang word expressing generally positive sentiment, it has stayed current (and cool) far longer than most such words.

"One of the main characteristics of slang is the continual renewal of its vocabulary and storehouse of expressions: in order for slang to stay slangy, it has to have a feeling of novelty. Slang expressions meaning the same thing as cool, like bully, capital, hot, groovy, hep, crazy, nervous, far-out, rad, and tubular have for the most part not had the staying power or continued universal appeal of cool.

"In general there is no intrinsic reason why one word stays alive and others get consigned to the scrapheap of linguistic history; slang terms are like fashion designs, constantly changing and never "in" for long. The jury is still out on how long newer expressions of approval such as def and phat will survive."

So, stay Cool, baby, stay Coooool....

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