Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring is here!

Well. Spring, has finally arrived! It got here last Sunday, in case you haven't noticed. Hey, no judgement here. Recently, I completely missed the start of daylight savings time.

Anyway, I've really been waiting to say those words: SPRING is HERE!

Okay, maybe if you live down South, you have a different orientation. All I know is up and over here, in the Pacific NorthWest, we're happy to finally see it again. Of course, it's bringing with it some degree of non admitted nuclear radiation from Japan, but hey, they have their own troubles right now too. No blame.

Well, no blame other than to the people who decided (and I just have to say this) to put a NUCLEAR RADIATION STATION by the ocean in an earthquake prone country, that is an island and knows all about Tsunami. I mean really? Are we really THAT surprised about a nuclear incident in it being next to the shoreline? Oh, and nice try with the puny and all too ineffective wave breaker.
Japan's Nuclear Power Station, Iwaki, Japan

So the cooling system of nuclear reactor No. 1 at the facility malfunctioned after the 8.9-magnitude quake knocked the power out, and was thereby unable to cool the nuclear fuel rods, causing a buildup of heat and pressure at the facility. But still... okay, okay, where was I? Now, moving right along....


Because of this, Sunday was reason to rejoice around here. It was a long, monsoon of a Winter. And of course, Friday, my furnace had to go out. We've been surviving around here on a few space heaters that have been doing commendable work.
Soon....(my old deck, now rebuilt)
I saw the sun this weekend. Amazing.
The Rock (back of our property before my son dug it up)

There has always been one nice thing about living in the Pacific NorthWest. We have four Seasons, and they typically have been moderate in extremes. I've lived in Mesa, Arizona. The first time I got off a jet there (coming from New Jersey and dressed for cooler weather) it was 120 degrees. I've lived in Rantoul, Illinois, where it got down to 30 below with wind chill. I have tried Southern California and loved it, but, too damn many people, and everything is just too far from everything else.

And so, I was born in and still live in the PNW. Yes, there isn't enough sun throughout the year ("The bluest skies you've every seen, are in Seattle" - so said Perry Como's theme song from a popular 1960's period piece (late 1800's) sitcom, "Here Come The Brides").

But regardless of all this, Spring is here!

I will get to see the sun more often now (grey clouds goodbye, okay, well, constant and continuous and contiguous clouds, goodbye) and break out my bike, maybe go on a roadtrip, break out the non-Winter clothing (but not yet the non-rain clothing), rejoice in natural vitamin D from the sun, and all those other things that go along with the arrival of Spring and the impending arrival of Summer.

With all the terrible things going on around the world (Japan, Libya, other places, all going through very difficult, life changing times and events), I have to say, its pretty nice to have something so banal and seasonal to rejoice (or complain) about.

And I can now look forward to my next happy moment when I can say that my favorite season of the year is here: Summer!

Actually, I do love Spring because it's such a blossoming of life coming back. Fall, everything dies and it turns cool. Fall does have the colors though, all bright and varied but it's because their all dying. Winter, everything around here (except the evergreen trees, of course) turn gray, brown, and dead looking; it's just depressing.

So, now I get to think about outdoor things in the sun. What can I possibly do now, that I felt reticent to do only a few days ago? Or, even still, for that matter.

Five Things to do in the Spring:

1) No longer having to wish Winter were long, long gone.
2) No longer wishing Spring were long here, because, it IS!
3) Enjoy experiencing the sun's marvelous light once again.
4) Go for less damp walks in less frigid conditions.
5) Actually experience going out of the house, once again. And not just to run into the car and back out again.

Have a great non-Winter Season!

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