Monday, January 9, 2017

Our Modern Authoritarian Politicians observation from what I've been seeing. I'll try to define as I go for those who are unfamiliar.

First we have to address this new intelligence report on Trump and the one that McCain gave the FBI last month.

There is much in modern politics today that is damaging to the whole (including those opposing them) but is massively self serving of those who us it. To be sure some of these elements are being used by both sides, but as with much of what we see today, it is a false equivalency by one side against the massive action on the other. Plausible deniability is the order of the day. This single concept has filtered down to mean more than it originally was intended or used for and at the levels it was typically initiated at.

Plausible deniability is the ability for persons (typically senior officials in a formal or informal chain of command) to deny knowledge of or responsibility for any damnable actions committed by others (usually subordinates in an organizational hierarchy) because of a lack of evidence that can confirm their participation, even if they were personally involved in or at least willfully ignorant of the actions. - Wikipedia

Non-attribution to the United States for covert operations was the original and principal purpose of the so-called doctrine of "plausible denial." Evidence before the Committee clearly demonstrates that this concept, designed to protect the United States and its operatives from the consequences of disclosures, has been expanded to mask decisions of the president and his senior staff members. — Church Committee (Wikipedia)
Those who have been most forcefully using it are elements of the neo fascists (even pseudo fascists, a political movement arising in Europe after World War II and characterized by policies designed to incorporate the basic principles of fascism (as nationalism and opposition to democracy) into existing political systems. Wake up on this one.

This includes those authoritarians, right wingers (including Alt Right), the neo conservatives (relating to or denoting a return to a modified form of a traditional viewpoint, in particular a political ideology characterized by an emphasis on free-market capitalism and an interventionist foreign policy) and those either theistic based (even if the individual or organization is atheistic in nature) or fawning theism for purposes of acquiring power. Another thing that has got to stop along with so much concern, so much sick fascination over personal lives for that of public ones.

They skillfully utilize modern techniques in persuasion using elements of counter-intelligence, even and in some cases greatly so using counter-intellectualism, disingenuous (not candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does or twisting elements about to appear the opposite of what they are, or blaming an opposing group for what the claimants are perpetrating) polemics (using a strong verbal or written attack on someone or something).

This is what we need to fight against. Big money is politics utilizes it going back to their Godhead, the Tobacco industry, which the auto and petroleum industries have taken to their bed and that unholy marriage has led to its dissemination into politics to the detriment of the citizenry it supports, is supposed to protect, and exists only for the express purpose of making their lives better. Or to prop up bad ideas, bad ideologies, or whatever ideologies get them into and keep them in, power.

Further, rationalizing various points of democracy has led to a mentality of "the ends justifies the means", and that of (and sometimes, which is the needle as it is AT TIME true but not to the degree to which it has been utilized) that the nation comes before that of the individual citizenry. Which has led, along with big money and the sometimes unholy alliance of lobbyists (but again, as lobbyists have pointed out, they sever a special need, and it is the dynamic between them and others, and the interplay of power and money that has been and should be vilified) to separate out the protection and elevation of the citizens for that of the politicians, the powerful, the leaders of industry and corporations.

We have a big job ahead of us. We'll need the right person and people at the top, the right people surrounding (honestly) her (and I'm not referring just to Hillary but not a man) and those around that person. They will need the correct and cohesive national mindset to bear us through to see this applied, accomplished and eventually, through undoubtedly much pain and strife, fixed.

I see the desires on both sides of the aisle to fix this, but only on the left does there seem to be a reasonable mindset that comes close to reality in order to find the right path.

What we see in the bulk of the conservative right is simply far too much magical thinking.


"Trump will save us! He says only HE can fix all this!"

Uh, huh. Oh yeah, this will go just fine....

Magical thinking comes from religion. Religion seems to be the moniker by which those who come to power need to bow and feign honest subservience to, all while they have no real feeling for it, no real adherence to it considering all the things mentioned above. But as with all the other elements of the modern politician have made use of and cast aside religious adherence like a pair of socks, discarding when dysfunctional, all while still ascribing a use and belief in.

Oh yeah, I can see this is all gonna go just fine for the next four years...if he can make it that far.

Trump is really irritating. Says he knows more than our Intelligence community, says he knows "a lot about hacking."

I don't have the TIME or space to explain how much he doesn't know, ESPECIALLY about hacking. I wonder if he is a hunt and pecker on his keyboard. I wonder if he calls the IT guy every time he has a glitch on his home system. I wonder if he can even USED a computer.

He's pretty much far more of an embarrassment that Bush was.

We're in for a very Chinese style "interesting times" with this character in charge. Here's hoping this next intel briefing he's going to get dresses him down in such a way his brain kicks in, begins to work in the real world and actually starts to see something based on reality and not just what his "really good brain" and his own imagination comes up with.

Remember, Trumps imagination is based on two things primarily, both directed at better HIS position in the world. One, being a businessman. Two, conning his business marks, and now, thanks to people who cast their vote and made him president, we're now (and in his conflated mind, the entire world) are his marks.

America, World at large? You are Trump's big con (large confidence game\scam\trick) "mark" and a mark is all these things to a conman:
...something that shows how someone feels about something, this refers to the mark's attitude, to be manipulated in the con.
...a sign or indication of something, which shows what the mark is to a conman, an object to be manipulated.
...a quality or trait that is typical of a particular type of person or thing, what the con learns about and manipualted for their own good and the detriment of the mark in taking something away from the mark which sometimes is simply dignity, as perhaps the mark has access to something they don't own ouright, but the con can steal anyway.
...the line or place where a race starts, the mark is the beginning, the line of the scam starting.
...a cross made in place of a signature by someone who cannot read and write, the attitude of the con toward the mark in their being stupid, not as smart as the con artist. And Trump is an artist in many ways when it comes to taking things from people. This is common knowledge and if you don't know about it, you're a then you're prime mark.
...something that is aimed at or shot at, self explanatory.
...a person who is tricked into losing money or property...America.

Happy New Year!

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