Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Happy White American Supremacist Day?

Good morning, welcome.

Happy White Supremacist Day!

Because that's, where we're headed now....

Conservatives gotta be pleased with their take over of the American Government. They've waited so long, tried so hard, and finally got their chance to show us all wrong in our silly beliefs of decency and intelligence over base binary authoritarianism. They do love being told what to do and letting daddy take control. How Republican though.

Shock and awe, now followed by an act of compassion in Pres. Trump attacking the drug companies so his own can say, "See what good and compassionate works he is doing?" But he failed and backed off claiming success as usual.

Yes, we see the shallow ignorance of our ways. Praise conservatives and the Republican party! Hey. By the way, how come so many Republicans are questioning what's going on now as if they didn't see it coming? Well they are good at that. For instance, remember, Flint Michigan? They do.

Tom Countryman put it well, we now have a president and his selected administration of amateurs who are damaging America.

"A policy without professionals is by definition an amateur policy. You have to help make the choices that bring this country forward," Tom Countryman, the outgoing Undersecretary for Arms Control, said in a farewell address at the State Department.

Idaho is supporting Pres. Trump's ban on Muslims.

But then they've been saturated in white supremacist culture for as long as I can remember. In Spokane at the GOP offices someone wrote on their windows yesterday, "refugees welcome Nazi scum". It's being investigated as a "hate crime". Yeah, THAT's what hate is. I get it, but it's intolerance of intolerance, isn't it? And that's the crime? But then, surrealism surrounds supremacist beliefs.

I remember being tricked into a white supremacist compound in the back hills of Idaho in the late 1970s. One of the scariest days of my life. It was surreal. Very nice people, with an ugly doctrine pouring through their veins.

My wife ripped my shirt sleeve at the shoulder that day from hanging onto my arm while smiling to them until we could get the hell out of there. She just kept whispering to me, "Get me out of here, get me out of here...." But we had come with one of them we didn't know was one of them till we got there. We got to listen to their visiting national leader that day in their church.

It was Surreal.

Frightening beliefs. Separatist, superior to other races, an easily proved defective doctrine and delusional belief system of lessors trying to see how to be more than they are.

I'd hate to say that I can't wait until the first extreme vetted Islamist terrorist act, with it being no better than what we have now but, reality does have a way of making things ironic.

This ban is going to be a recruiting boon for ISIS types.

What we had was working, is worked out and we've had no terrorist attacks from people from the banned countries. Fear mongering is the fascist's tool to call fear to what hasn't happened so people have to prove a negative, which is nearly impossible. And stupid.

According to experts, we are now less safe from this ban. People like Mike Morell, Former Deputy Directory, CIA, said last night on Charlie Rose:

"I did not find it surprising that Donald Trump's first butting of heads with his new administration was with the intelligence community.

"Because the fundamental job of the CIA, of the intelligence community is to put FACTS on the table. For a guy who fundamentally doesn't like facts. They interfere with his opinion."

Americans are brave and independent. Or should be to stand up to who we are.

Not brave on a compound and independent as separated from all other Americans. But out in the open with ALL other Americans of every race, creed or color. Nor do we hide behind cowardly authoritarian laws and executive orders that abuse others to protect ourselves.

Make up your mind, American... or fascist?

Fascism - authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization. synonyms:authoritarianism, totalitarianism, dictatorship, despotism, autocracy; More: (in general use) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice.


PS The politics and actions from the White House are making me ill. I need a break. So my blog on Monday will be on creative pursuits and some new and pretty cool news about Troma Pictures new Amazon Prime style of streaming B- rated horror films they are so well known for and, Kelly Hughes and one of his films, Don't Kill Grandpa Until We Strangle the Babysitter (2016).

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