Monday, January 16, 2017

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2017!

Wishing everyone a happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2017, especially for all those that carries much meaning for. It's good to reflect on the progress made for the ideals he promoted, to realize the advances made you may not be old enough to appreciate.

Apologies also to all those who feel correctly so we have not yet made the progress we should have made by now.

Life, politics, government, and citizens in general, are frequently two steps forward, one step back, with variations. We're at a time where it appears we are going more than two steps backward. But we are a nation of many diverse people and there are many who cannot evolve that quickly. It is a nice thought to consider putting them, our weakest, in front of our progress to try to bring them along with us and in some cases, to monitor closely their progress or lack thereof.

That being said, in being behind them, we can also nudge them along. These next hopefully no longer than four years we will have to be in that role of support and being the engine of progress through a cloak of resistance and blindness. While they may avoid or resent progress, we will have to act as if they are the children we love and need to nurture, and at times with a firm hand, show them the path out of their perceived nightmare, which is only the dark bedroom of a child.

They just need to learn where the light switch is. And it may be painful. Dr. King knew that, and he kept going. And it may kill some of us. That too us humanity. Sometimes we can kill as a people, as an ill mindset, and once that happens, we make a leap forward together. Evolved, educated people can avoid that. many Republicans and conservatives do not like good and proper education, ignorance supports bad ideas. We have to work through that.

It's been said, Democrats are very bad at selling good ideas and Republicans are very good at selling bad ideas. We have seen that, time and again.

We will have to work through that. Hopefully some day we can all see the ideas we work together for are good ideas. I know it seems lost. It's not. And remember, steps forward and back when sped up, are actually a dance and we all have to learn how to dance if we wish to archive the progress we so sorely need.

All the best!
We all do our part in our own way.

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