Friday, January 20, 2017

American Presidential Inauguration Day 2017 - Donald J. Trump

Ask yourself this, if a President Trump "fixes" America, triples everyone's income, vastly enriches his position, do you really care?

Do you?

I'd like to be rich too, I'd like America "fixed". What do I care if one guy becomes not a billionaire but a trillionaire over it? Spell checker just now didn't even recognize the word, trillionaire, but it soon may have to.

If you do not care, do not care if Trump breaks laws, befriends other oligarchs and discpicables toward their private benefit in other nations, binding together elements we won't even recognize perhaps for decades, then you have become one of them. Their poor supporters. Like poor Republicans who keep voting against their own best interests because their politicians keep telling them, they will benefit. And they so frequently simply do not. As in Flint Michigan where people were poisoned with lead and their Republicans governor refused to listen, or act, but protected himself and his family and people.

So, just join the Republican party. By the way, I'd like to apologize to the world for Trump. But I'd also like to apologize for Putin. Let's face it, and they're not the only ones, we have some pretty pitiful leaders running things in the world today. Well, maybe not Canada. And a few other places.

Anyway, you might as well start calling yourself a conservative. One of the basket of deplorables once referred to.


If you have to ask that question, aren't you really already one of them?

Let me explain.

We have laws, for a reason. We are a powerful nation. We could do many things that are awesome for us (or some), but when you take from one basket, you remove from someone else's. Same thing we have seen with Republicans in taking from those who have little, to give to those who have much.

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad, if they just abused their own supporters. But they cross off to affect non Republicans in restricting election days to keep themselves in power.

We have laws merely because they are the right thing to do. Like laws against torture. They keep us from devolving as a nation, from becoming a power of ignobles and perhaps, a world wide despised nation. Feared, not respected.

Fear, is the mainstay of the Fascist, the Authoritarian, the Trump, who is an authoritarian. So is Putin. Would YOU be a Russian citizen, a Russian defector, a Russian opposing Putin, a Russian reporter, a Russian needle under skin of Putin in Russia? Many of those are now dead. I wouldn't want their position.

Though I do have to admit, if it were my country I saw being abused, I could be one of them. I have issues with authority since childhood you see, something i have trouble controlling. Whenever I see someone doing bad to others, I have to call them out on it. I've been beaten for it, abused socially, set up, and attacked. And I keep on going like the bunny in the battery commercials. Someone has to and I see too many now a days (mostly on the right) who turn a blind eye, who don't see ahead, don't see what their actions can lead to, apparently.

Many Russians have died for speaking out, for love of their country. They were murdered and they have my respect. They certainly do. Did Putin murder them? To be sure I believe we can safely say he did, some of them. Have them murdered anyway. At his position, in a country like Russia, all it takes is a comment, a nod, a smile, and someone dies. Plausible deniability is key. Just like Bush used for Iraq.
Like Trump already uses for so many things. How far will he go? How bad will it get? Unlike many conservative conspiracy theories, we don't really kill as can happen in Russia. It's unnecessary, messy, too much risk of blow back, especially not a days with all the electronic surveillance and in our our government works differently than in Russia. Yes we have our abuses, but they play out differently here.

Others were murdered in Russia by Putin's friends, or just supporters, perhaps even those he abused who were from other countries. But he has created a climate as such that allows for others to think they could execute that kind of behavior on his behalf, bring a brief smile to his face, and get away with it.

And they have, and do. To be fair, Russia has had a climate of killing reporters going back over a hundred years. But that doesn't excuse it happening today.

Trump has been setting up such a climate in America. Weak like his ego, but it's there. Will it grow into the fruition of strange fruit hanging from trees as we saw during the slave and Jim Crow laws years? Some have threatened just such things. Reporters have been threatened. In America. For speaking the truth, or trying to get to the root of a truth.

Are you seeing how things are going with Trump and reporters? There are similarities already before he has even become president.

We are in a difficult position. In how America works, we need to support our elected President. But when you have elected someone like Trump, you also have to speak out. We have to protect our Office of the President of the United States. But we also have to protect America, and our ideal of being America.

I wouldn't like to be a reporter in Russia who is well known and speaks against Putin. But I also wouldn't like to be an American now, who has to deal with the current climate we have that is coursing it's ugly way through our heartlands. And yet, here I am. So I'll do my best.

We have to be careful. We do have to follow the laws. Not just to legalize something like let's say, murder, just so we can say that technically there is no murder in America. But we have to take the time to fix things correctly and legally, and in the spirit of America, so that in that case, the murder rate goes down for real, and not just as something we can claim, while people continue to die all around us.

1984 by George Orwell was a warning. A stark warning we have thought int the past was going on around us. And it was, to some degree. But I don't think I've ever seen it raise its ugly head every before in such stark and ugly fashion. During a time now where we have issues with government surveillance, with government abuses, with secrecy, with then an authoritarian bordering on fascism entering the White House. Russia is turning into an oligarchy. Will America? In Trump trying to be friends with Putin will their rich affect our wealthy? is this the beginning of the end?

Yes, following the laws slows things down. Yes we could certainly move faster. Conservatives believe President Obama didn't move fast enough. And yet, he pulled us from a pit of despair and has now turned over to Trump, a viable economy where once was a damaged and ravaged one. Just as Democratic President Bill Clinton turned a viable and healthy economy to Pres. Bush, who ran it into the ground and passed that nightmare on to President Obama.

What will the future hold now that another Republican is in office? Our only hope being, he's not a real Republican. But worse, he's a devout Capitalist. What day should we plan for a war, President Trump? Because that seems to be the mainstay of Republican presidents. That, and ruining the economy.

So, should we allow some few to illegally benefit in our behest? Trump is putting many wealthy people into key positions in his administration. We could invade other nations too and just take what we what.

Like Russia has done. Then again, that is not really who we are, even though we have done things in the past. For many years we have been trying to get on track to be the best we can be. Many of us will continue to push in that direction. But it would be so easy to just invade, to pillage weaker nations, even disingenuously, through trade, through bullying them. through other means the rich may know of and most of us do not.

But then we'd have to change our name from America, to the UFSCR, the United Fascists States of Conservative Republicans.

We try to hard to do good in such a diverse society as America. It seems like every good dead has an associated and unintentional bad one. We just need to keep educating ourselves, be patient with those who don't yet know, and keep trying.

I know that's why many object, craving a return to a simpler time.

Yes, we're too stupidly PC sometimes, but much of this is a need in America, and making it a safe and pleasant living space for everyone living here. Be reasonably vocal about PC idiots. But also realize, you may be the idiot in the other direction if you're not even trying to be aware.

Now, ask yourself.

Who are you? Who do you want to be?

We wish you the best President Trump.

Because we're stuck with you now. You and your scary ideologue in VP Pence, who has damaged his own state as governor as many Republican governors have done merely for wont of pushing their silly conservative, religious, Republican agendas.

Serve the people, all of us, not just yours. Other religions not just Christians. Other ways of thinking, not just theism.

They say taking the Oval Office changes you.

Here's hoping....

#Trump #Putin

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