Sunday, July 29, 2012

Two new Psychology articles free through August

Just to share, today I finished two non fiction ebook articles to be online very soon:

Some Notes on Field Theory, Albert's Mind, and the Status Quo: The Necessity of Contextualism in Psychology


Psycho-neurologically Approaching a Field Theory Understanding of Schizophrenia via Research of a Non-normative, Non-pathological Syndrome: Synesthesia, and the need for more information

I know, you probably didn't expect that, right? But I do have a degree in Psychology from Western Washington University in their Awareness and Reasoning Division for Phenomenology, and mental processes and systems.

I now have them up on Smashwords. Oh, my God, what a pain that was! Now I know why I usually hae someone doing this for me (Zilyon Publishing).

Anyway, in celebration of my bithday month (August 30th being the day) here is the URL and coupon code (SY75X) for the double ebook Good through August:

It says it is pending review right now, but I believe it's available. It's pretty bare though, after all it's more a scientific journal article than any kind of popular reading. I took five hours yesterday finalizing editing on them toward making them ebooks and I just spent over three frustrating hours processing them on Smashwords, the first time for my actually getting something up online on my own after having it fail repeatedly all morning.

So, the info is all there, but not all pretty with graphs and special formatting (some of which was there when I started). eBooks kind of suck for fomatting to begin with and have a long with to go if you ask me.

Anyway finally now on to other things....


  1. Thank you for the freebie! I've downloaded it and I'm looking forward to the read.

    I agree about formatting. It's a nightmare, especially since each venue (Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.) have different ways of converting. What works for one ereader, does not always work for another. I think this is the print book manufacturers secret revenge.

  2. Cool. Thanks for the interest.

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