Sunday, July 22, 2012

Picketing Grief events - Westboro Bastards, I mean, Church, strikes again

The Westboro "Church" is at it again. These people are truly God's worst pond scum. Remember them? They like to picket the funerals of US Serviceman who were gay. I'm sure their "God" is so proud. Let's set the tone here....

From The
The Westboro Church plans to picket the Aurora shooting memorial service

Now they want to picket the memorial service of people killed in the Aurora "Batman" shootings. Really?

These are the same people who like to make anyone grieving, grieve more for things they had nothing to do with.

From Huffington Post:

Sage Stallone Death: Westboro Baptist Church Plans To Picket Actor's Funeral

Really, religious people? Really?

There is hope in all this however, also from Huffington Post:

Texas A&M Students Form Human Wall To Block Westboro Baptist Church Protestors From Soldier Roy Tisdale's Funeral

Hear hear!

I really think, and there may be issues I don't see here that need to be addressed, I do admit that, but in the initial consideration it sounds great, wouldn't it be great if we had a new Federal Law (yes, Federal, not State, as some States will undeniably wimp out on this for whatever reason... Texas), to block anyone from picketing any grief service, funeral or memorial service. And you can't just call anything that. I'm talking honest to "God" funerals, that would be burying someone, or their funeral/memorial service.

Even the families of serial killers deserve to be able to lay their once, loved one, to rest. The family of these people are not criminals? They are doubly in grief. A loved one died, and they know the loved one had done horrible things. But they don't know that person as that kind of person, they know that person as the cute kid they raised or grew up with. So, back off on them.

The thought that people who are devestated, who are laying to rest their loved ones, no matter who they are or what the deceased has done, the thought of their being further attacked (because I'm sure it would feel like that to people at that time and in that state of mind), is criminal and should be illegal. It is immoral, unetheical, and sick, so why shouldn't it also be illegal?

I also think (obviously) that any "church" or "religion" that allows this kind of thing, or thinks this way, should be sent to prison, one at a time, or en masse. Especially if they can be sent to a prison containing a family member of one of the deceased whom they have picketed. Let them have an extended period of time wherein they can "discuss" this situation and their "beliefs" with them in an environment that enhances "discourse" and reconsideration.

The Westboro "Church". Right. A Church. Give me a break.

Update: I'm very happy to note that at least for the family of Military personnel, something is being done about all this. "Westboro Baptist Church protesters will soon be severely limited in their ability to disrupt military funerals, after Congress passed a sweeping veterans bill this week that includes restrictions on such demonstrations."


  1. The WBC are doucenozzles of the highest order - that's for sure - but we don't need to legislation to stop them from going about their legal, but horrible, business. Restricting freedoms is a slippery slope that's best avoided. A better response is one like that of the Texas A&M students.

    If there is a silver lining, it's that the WBC virus fires up the antibodies in our culture, making us better and stronger as a society.

  2. No doubt legislating something like this would be a slippery slope. It's just that it is something so fundamental that it shouldn't even be raising its ugly head in the first place, yet since it does, one questions if maybe it isn't a fundamental right to grieve in peace that needs to be designated. It amazes me that in this "enlightened" age, something like this would be even called into question. But as you indicate, it may well be part of this opened and enlightened age.

    We have the freedom to be individuals in this country; also to be individuals together in shared thought and understanding (though I'm not seeing a lot of thought or understanding with the Westboro "Church"), which can usurp our intellect, if we had any to begin with (Mob rule: "The intelligence of a mob is inversely proportional to the size of that mob" though in some cases it can be exponentially inversely proportional which seems to be the case in hate groups). We as Americans, also have the freedom to be ignorant dumbasses. Which makes me wonder if this should be legislated. But you make a good point I certainly hear and understand your reasons against it.

    Thanks for the comment.