Monday, July 30, 2012

Batteries are primative

Dr. Michio Kaku says that Batteries are primitive. Check it out.

He has a point but not in the way he is thinking. For years I've been saying our next important breakthrough needs to be in batteries. Consider that many of the technologies first exhibited in the original Star Trek TV show are not available, cell phones (communicators, though not as powerful yet, still a huge advancement), the doors on the ship (yes, believe it or not), and other things, even tricorders to some extent.

But not a battery powerful enough to emit a plasma beam, or energize a shuttle craft. Batteries are primitive. But we don't need to be building better batteries to hold energy for use later.

Consider this for a moment. We need to eliminate batteries altogether. We need to build power sources or portals to supply unending power and there are many advances in that area. There are some major changes coming. Changes that will not elimiate the petroleum industry as we still make more products out of oil than you know about. But the energy companies, may simply disappear. So I've been investing in energy companies. Why? Because they are working toward better batteries and better energy systems. Although it is quite possible the true advance may come from an unforeseen sector, much like robotics has made great strides through toy companies and the military (though that isn't such a big surprise).

Here is a video about this. Don't believe any of it if you don't want to. That's not the point in my sharing it with you. Thinking in this direction, however, is. Check out: "Tesla The race to zero point free energy. I've known for decades what a raw deal Nikola Tesla (and the American and World public) got. The powers that be really put the screws to us in wanting to charge money and become rich at the expense of the public. Many, or even most of the things shown in this video may be just hype or at least not what they are professed to be, but it does prove the point that there are other ways of looking at energy production.

...these features chiefly interest the scientific man, the thinker and reasoner. There is another feature which affords us still more satisfaction and enjoyment, and which is of still more universal interest, chiefly because of its bearing upon the welfare of mankind. Gentlemen, there is an influence which is getting strong and stronger day by day, which shows itself more and more in all departments of human activity, and influence most fruitful and beneficial—the influence of the artist. It was a happy day for the mass of humanity when the artist felt the desire of becoming a physician, an electrician, an engineer or mechanician or—whatnot—a mathematician or a financier; for it was he who wrought all these wonders and grandeur we are witnessing. It was he who abolished that small, pedantic, narrow-grooved school teaching which made of an aspiring student a galley-slave, and he who allowed freedom in the choice of subject of study according to one's pleasure and inclination, and so facilitated development.” Nikola Tesla

Just possibly there are ways we can eliminate our current ways of energy production that are so detrimental to our world and our lifestyles. We need to support these, even if they lead no where at times. We not only need to think outside the box, we need to throw the box away.

...the idea gradually took hold of me that the earth might be used in place of the wire, thus dispensing with artificial conductors altogether. The immensity of the globe seemed an unsurmountable obstacle but after a prolonged study of the subject I became satisfied that the undertaking was rational...” Nikola Tesla

Maybe Tesla didn't have all the answers, but had we gone his direction with Humanity at mind and not the bottom dollar, had the US Government perhaps funded these types of things toward making them free, had we not been so capitalistically minded, and had the heads of industry not been so greedy and money minded, if we had just suffered through it a bit longer way back when, perhaps we would now have free energy. I know the over $200/mo I spend alone for myself for energy could easily go to other things far more interesting to me.

But we shall not satisfy ourselves simply with improving steam and explosive engines or inventing new batteries; we have something much better to work for, a greater task to fulfill. We have to evolve means for obtaining energy from stores which are forever inexhaustible, to perfect methods which do not imply consumption and waste of any material whatever.” Nikola Tesla

We really don't need to be paying our money every month and so much of it, to Public (or private) utility departments for energy, PUDs need to disappear. Power should be free. So should healthcare but that's another issue. If we're going to try at all to move toward the utopian society exemplified in Star Trek (and why shouldn't we?), we need to be able to use all we want, to be power users to the utmost sense, without it destroying the planet. We have embarked on the information age and passed that. It is powered by electricity and maybe that too is primitive. But for now we need to have all the energy we need and then some, free, and without polluting either our environment or life forms.

Think about it.

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