Monday, February 6, 2012

There are no teachings of a "Christ"

I've heard all my life a lot of talk about this "Christ" person. For decades, I've refused to call "Jesus", "Christ", for several reasons.

There are no teachings I can find of a "Christ", just Jesus. This label Christ was actually officially given a few hundred years after the death of the man when they were trying to justify who he was. It's alleged that Peter called "Jesus" Christ, but that is in a book that was created far after that moment, the bible having been written down so long after the actual incidents that it is basically, hearsay.

And a guy named Yeshua (there are various forms of it) was actually who people call, Jesus. Which is important, what others called him, or what name he heard when someone called his name? Did he turn to look at you if you called him "Jesus"? Uh, no. Does that matter to you? Probably not. But shouldn't it? Do you want to believe in what was, or what people said what was?

Then he was so named officially as "Christ" at Emperor Constantin's Council of Nicaea in order to solidify an empire that was being torn apart by all the different religions. This creation of The Bible was a vested interesting not in seeing the truth in the book but in maintaining an Empire. Think about that for a moment. So to justify using this Yeshua guy as the focal point in their new Bible, which was becoming very popular in the realm, they scoured in the old Hebrew books for a prediction that fit Yeshua's life (and altering it wouldn't have mattered too much to them to fit the prophesies), they did indeed find one from a hundred years before "Yeshua" was born, and so they made it work. In fact they killed people to support their version.

Thus, Yeshua became, Christ, "Jesus Christ" as if that were his last name or something. But Jesus, is Yeshua and a blue eye, blond haired, white guy was actually, not that. It makes you wonder just what all is wrong in the teachings. All of which have been subverted from day one by those in control of the religion and then all the splinter groups degenerating down into even Mormonism (started by an affirmed con man) and other pretty foolish beliefs.

Constantin also saw to it that they killed any texts that made their new "Christ" figure sound too human and not God-like enough. It's why this is all such a ridiculous discussion. They put to death anyone who had any of the texts they wanted destroyed that disagreed with who they were building up this prophesied, Christ figure, the Son of God. That is why Christians, trying to justify their religion through quoting the Bible, holds little or no bearing on their argument. If you have a text that has been built to only support a created position, you are supporting your argument on a text that has little in the way of being an absolutely ironclad document on the actual history of what transpired during a time far before the text was solidified.

I truly believe if Yeshua, or whatever his name actually was, were to appear here now, he wouldn't even recognize what he had been trying to start way back when. He had a pretty simple message, few rules, mostly, be nice to one another. And think of "God' as a dad, not a mean spirited, well, all powerful spirit.

And if he were to be told about all the genocide Christianity and it's offshoots have fomented over time, he'd be horrified and simply disband the religion that grew from his original and subverted teachings. But so called Christians don't want to talk about that, they prefer to believe in their fantasy religion because the actuality of it no longer has any bearing upon what they now want to believe in.

And in a way that's understandable, because if you believe in something that is ridiculous, but you're practicing something that is basically nice and means well, why change, right? Even if these contentions are wrong, doesn't it make sense to check out what you are believing in, if you believe in Christianity or any of its bastardized forms? But probably not, realistically speaking, right?

But that is the evolution of religion. If it's not true, it really doesn't matter in the least. Does it?

I truly think the world will be a far better place once we start basing our decisions in reality, with compassion, and understanding bordering on elightenment.

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