Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Guinness Black

I've been a fan of Guinness for decades. Being half Irish has nothing to do with it. Okay, maybe, a little bit.

I just tried Guinness black.

At first taste, I was surprised. I wasn't sure I liked it
But then I tasted it again and I did. But it tasted like beer. This wasn't your Grandfather's Guinness.

Then I tasted it again and realized I did kind of like it.
It was weird though because I could taste Guinness in it, but it tasted like... beer.

I tasted it again.
Then it hit me.

For years I've complained about bars chilling Guinness.
Like I said, I'm Irish, and I know a full blooded guy, who is Irish but born there, I was born in Tacoma, Washington after all.

He said about cold Guinness, "Sacrilege! If you get it cold for God's sake, put it under your arm, in your armpit, what ever you have to do to warm it up before you drink it!"

Then I started seeing "cold" Guinness ads... from Guinness!

So wrong. When I asked the barkeep, he said, cold Guinness was designed to be drunk cold.

But this Guinness black, IS different.

Guinness should be served room temperature, so that when you drink it, Americans would think, this is warm. Well it's room temp anyway. But I like it where there is just a hint of coolness somewhere within it the middle of it. Typically there is only one or two bars in town who get it "right".

But this new beer is perfect. It WAS designed to drink cold. It is in my book, the first Guinness "cold-serve beer. And, I do like it.

There was a posting on Facebook where Guinness was asking what nickname we have for Guinness. I had to say, mine is:


On the Guinness web site it says: "In spite of Guinness’s many nicknames that refer to it as black, such as “The Black Stuff”, officially, Guinness is a dark ruby red color, which can be seen by tipping a partially full pint up to the light."

Anyway, I had to post this on their Facebook posting:

"I tried Guinness Black recently, by the way. I think Guinness has finally found a way for people (we trogladyte Americans) to buy Guinness and drink it cold. And be drinking it appropriately for a change. It's anethma seeing people drink Guinness cold, worse if they want to push it upon my esteemed self! But hey guys! Good job! Now we have a choice and there will be no burning in Hell for dirnking it incorrectly."

I still prefer Guinness, and at room temp.
But if I wanted a cold beer and I wanted a Guinness, well, finally(?), I think this, is it!

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