Monday, February 20, 2012

Lying to get a job

First of all, I try never to lie to anyone about anything. It's my thing. :) The only place I've lied is on a resume and in an interview and honestly, I probably wasn't lying, but it was close enough to me, that I felt like it was. But I got the jobs, I succeeded, they were always very pleased with me and my results. Win, win.
It takes more intelligence to always tell the truth than it does to lie. Unless you are a professional liar which is a conman, but I've found few who could keep track properly and they aren't people to be around; unless you're a conman, too.

I was once told that you're a fool if you don't try to sound better than you are in the interview / resume process, to strive to get a job as far above you as is reasonable and possible. How close to a lie or beyond is up to your credentials and skills.

You can lie to get a job, you cannot get caught in the lie; so the easiest way is not to lie. Plus in some jobs, you can find serious repercussions if getting found out. I'm not saying break the law, I'm saying use your discretion and shoot for the sky. And if you do lie (or stretch the truth which is much safer), you'd better be able to perform when tasked to do so.

I understand people want to be better than what they are and I praise that effort. I know some people can do more than they have been and just need the chance to show what they can do. I like when people who are striving to rise. I don't hold a resume against someone as long as 1) they succeed in what they have claimed and 2) that is the only place they are being so inaccurate. That being said, you have to check out that resume, check their skills. If it all proves true (even if it's not) you may be getting a good employee that will be a plus for both you and them. Win, Win.

Now, all that being said, it can be a fine line, you can end up with a very questionable employee who will lie to get the job. Like that woman we hired that time. If she had fooled me, quickly learning, showing what an expert she was, fine. As long as I didn't notice, I don't care. Good for her!

But she failed and therefore had to accept the consequences (but wouldn't); and she was questionable in many other areas aside from work. Funny, if she had succeeded in her lie, I would have respected her and her skills. There are geniuses out there who can do or quickly pick up almost anything and you could luck into that. And others who will lie and walk all over anyone to get up that ladder. So in her lying and failing, I lost all respect for her.

Just being honest here. :)

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