Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Transferring your home movies to digital formats

Have you thought about converting your family celluloid films (I know, old school, right?) and videos tape to digital yet?

My thought some years ago was I needed to digitize them, in whatever format. Then to transfer them later, once I have a good transfer, will be far less problematic. Especially, since film and video tape formats were getting old and I was afraid they might go bad. I always had a little fear and trepidation about video formats but I have to say, so far they've kept up well.

Of course, I always bought the best format and brands I could, Maxell and TDK, mostly, never Memorex or BASF, even though they invented video tape. But when I considered how many video movies I had that had gone back, it scared me pretty good.

Well, maybe you did think about it. So you can buy, typically, for most people who have stored their home movies for years, a VHS/DVD transfer machine with both formats built into it. You just put in your VHS, a blank DVD, hit a button, come back later and it's on DVD now. It's digitized now. From now it, transfer to any new format will be a breeze.

But there is more.

IF you were rich, you could send it out to be done. Companies that do this have more sophisticated equipment. And if you're not scared of someone like the Red Dragon getting your family videos, and coming into your house and killing everyone around, then a company can be an interesting idea.

Consider. IF you were rich, they could go through your videos frame by frame and clean them up, just like they do with restoring classic old films.


Consider this....

They will also be able to alter and add things. You could be getting married, not to your ex who treated you like a sidewalk, but with your favorite rock star, or film actor. Or whomever.

The sky is the limit. You new car on your home movie could be Luke Skywalker's racer, or Bullet's car, or one from the Fast and the Furious. Or, whatever.

The possibilities are limitless now. Have fun!

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