Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gordon Ramsey's newest Great Escape show, and others

I caught Chef Gordon Ramsey's 2010 show, Great Escape, where he hits Asia in much the same way that Anthony Bourdain has been doing for years.

If you can't stand Gordon, this may be the show he created for you because the tables have been turned on him, and in some cases he is treated like a new cook by some of the chefs he meets as he is so new to real authentic (and not British fusion) Indian  cuisine. In other episodes he hits Cambodia and Vietnam: videos.

I don't know, I've always liked the guy. But I also know a lot of people, who can't stand him. I just find him entertaining and let's face it, the guy knows his stuff. No, I wouldn't want to work for him, certainly not on one of his shows, but if I were into being a chef, I wouldn't turn down a position with him. But that being said, I also wouldn't want to go through what his contestants go through and I think he probably feels the same.

Gordon Ramsey's website.

Love him or hate him, I have a lot of respect for the guy for achieving so much.

My only concern is for his family. How does a guy do all that and still be around for his family? But then, it's none of my business really, or yours. If it works for his wife and their kids, well, whatever. I still enjoy his shows. I love his Kitchen Nightmares show, both his British and America versions, each of which have their own special appeals for the focus they have in each country.

In the end, I have become far more educated about eating in restaurants since that show came on the air and I can only hope that restauranteurs also watch it, and I know some who do. After watching these shows, one walks into a cafe or restaurant with a far different and more critical eye. And so it should be.

My favorite travel host on a show is Tony Bourdain on his No Reservations show. I've read books by both these guys. Well, I read a bio written by someone else on Ramsey, actually, and the guy had a hard beginning in life, I have to give him credit for pulling himself out of his difficult beginnings and achieving as much as he has.

Tony's writings are pretty entertaining and definitely seems like a guy you could hang with and have a good time, but then, hanging with an ex-footballer (Gordon) would have to be pretty fun too.

Master Chef
I've even found Ramsey's newer Master Chef show, a show for just anybody's to get a chance at being a chef. But I skip throw that show a lot (not as much as on Top Chef where I skip almost anything they show outside a kitchen.

I've even found Gordon's, The F Word, his British cooking show interesting at times. These two guys however, Gordon and Tony, are pretty much my staples for watching TV shows and I'm always interested in what Gordon comes up with next. One does have to realize that they are both in shows, that are shot, they shoot a lot of footage of tape, then edited and padded. Less so with Tony's show I think and so, with Gordon's shows.

I tend to do what I do with the Top Chef franchise, I use the fast forward button on my remote and record them on Tivo first. Except when Padma Lakshmi (above with Tom Colicchio) is on screen, of course. I could pretty much care less about the interpersonal aspects of these shows. I don't care who hates what other chef, I just want to see how they handle cooking, the comments on the cooking, and the professional side of things, rather than the personal side.

So shows like Hell's Kitchen, Top Chef, Master Chef, etc., I just skip along to the good parts, and thus, save myself wasting parts of my life that I would never otherwise get back. Yes, you could argue that about watching any of these shows, but then, if you like this kind of stuff, that pretty much answers that.

There are certainly a lot of other shows I could simply waste my life watching. Like shows on Cats (I don't own any), or shows on hunting (I don't hunt, I can, I just don't). I do like shows like Man vs. Wild, sometimes, it's nice to know how to survive in the wild, or to update info on such things, but I enjoy some of these cooking shows, and their hosts, so if I'm going to waste time, I do it with those I feel I could relate to (not, therefore, Rachael Ray).

Just for fun, let me mention here a site I just saw on Gordon's "The f Word" show, it's called Pimp That Snack where people make huge examples of snacks, post them for comment and get reviews. It's pretty entertaining. Check it out.

Okay, getting back to the point, you might check out Gordon's newest addition to the Ramsey franchise. If nothing else, he's showing a part of India and other Asian countries I've not seen before.

Bon Appetite! Or, whatever....

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