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The Late Alexei Devotchenko and Putin's Post Soviet Return

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I'm writing this on the Sunday before this blog is released on the 25th anniversary of the Berlin wall coming down; a nightmare for Berliners that had gone up in 1961 to stop people fleeing the communist East. I always thought that was such a useless thing for the Soviet Union to do. It was such an obvious mark against their form of government when its own people were fleeing their nation.

That wall coming down in 1989 was a great and hopeful event for so many people, the Germans of both East and West Berlin, and really too, for the Soviet and Russian people. It's sad to see how things turned about only shortly after that monumental event. And now this last death last week is just another nail in the coffin of hope for the Russian people, and those satellite nations around that lost nation. Lost, because of it's mismanagement by its leadership. Something that has turned into a national shame and national tradition. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Russia needs to join the world, embrace the rest of humanity and stop trying to be something apart. This is a tiny planet and we all need to recognize, just how much we all need one another.

Well known Russian actor Alexei Devotchenko (49), was found dead on Nov 6, 2014.

He was well known for his outspoken criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin, a well known ex KGB thug made leader of what was left of the old Soviet Union regime, with old KGB cronies now in the new FSB and retired. His tentacles extend into business, government and invading countries no longer a part of the old Soviet or the new Russia.

So, did Putin kill him? Probably, there's just no proof and never will be if he did. He's just that kind of guy, you see. You'll find no photo in this article of Vladimir Putin because he deserves none here. This, is all about Alexei, someone who Putin shouldn't even be allowed to cast his shadow upon this national hero's grave. 

Alexei deserves our respect and consideration and those responsible, even if indirectly, need to be brought to pay for this loss of this actor and activist. Even if that leads to the head of the Russian government.

This is very possibly a story more about President Putin than Alexei as Putin has inflamed old Soviet nationalism in the new Russia, much to its detriment and regardless of the nationalism he has spawned or the popularity of this corrupt individual. 

It is sad there isn't more of an outcry in Russian about Putin, yet quite understandable when one of his vocal dissidents is found dead. Fear has always had too much to do with Russian life. There is no need for it, however. Perhaps Putin didn't directly order the killing of Alexei. Perhaps the FSB acted alone. Perhaps merely a Putin supporter did this. Perhaps it was just someone who didn't like Alexei. Perhaps it wasn't suspicious at all or perhaps it was suicide. 

"There is reason to suppose that the artist's death is of a criminal character," said a law enforcement source. It is the Telegraph's contention that Devotchenko’s criticism of Putin might be a motive.

Alexei participated in numerous anti-Kremlin protests and has rightfully condemned Russia’s aggression towards the Ukraine. But it doesn't really matter because of the position he held in Russian society. The actor's death in Moscow seems suspicious and even if he killed himself, it still sheds a red light upon Putin and his personality and his actions in the world of late.

From Wikidpedia:

"Born in Leningrad, {Alexei Devotchenko} studied at the school number 179 of the Kalinin district (1973-1983). At school started playing TYuZe Leningrad Palace of Pioneers. In 1990 he graduated from the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography named after Nikolai Cherkasov, workshop Arkady Katzman and Lev Dodin.

"[Alexei] was a member of the United Civil Front in St. Petersburg, the participant Dissenters. March 10, 2010 signed the appeal of the Russian opposition "Putin must go". Participated in other political actions liberal direction. On 18 November 2011, in his blog in the "Live Journal" Devotchenko announced that [refusing] the title "Honored Artist of Russia" and the two State Prizes of Russia,were strongly against the policies of President Putin."

In 2011 Alexei disowned the Russian acting awards he held because he was ashamed of them having come from Putin. He urged others in the entertainment industry to follow suit. He signed a letter in March 2014 saying, "We are with you!"

“I've had enough of all this tsar-state stuff,” he wrote in a blog post. “With its lies, its cover-ups, its legalised theft, its bribe-taking and its other triumphs.” Alexei Devotchenko said that, a prominent Russian actor and anti Putin dissident, found dead under questionable circumstances this week. I'm with him on his anti-Putin thoughts. Whenever a fellow artist goes down, possibly for sharing his beliefs and speaking out against perceived wrongs, it hurts all of us." - Variety

This once again brings up the need for Russia to see that Putin is removed from office, from politics, from power, he needs to be put down and with prejudice. Not simply eliminated from national office, not simply jailed though he deserves it, but in jail he can still pull strings, like some mustache Pete Mafiaso in prison, running his "family" from lock up. But removed from Russian existence entirely, stripped of his Russian-ness, wiped out. 

Perhaps there is a proud Russian Army sniper still in the Russian army who realizes what needs to be done and with a powerful desire to return his country into the vast embrace of the world citizenry, removes him on his own cognition. When you are building for yourself, a legacy such as Putin has and continues to be allowed, to do, these things happen. 

These things happen....

For another power, another country, be it British, American, Ukranian, or any other nation to remove the leader of a nation, is wrong. It is dangerous. But for a Russian citizen to take into his own hands what needs to be done, is an issue within that nation.

We don't however, need a bottom feeder like Putin, martyred. It is wrong, however one can savor the thought if only for a moment. But even an attempt on Putin's life would exemplify the true nature and beliefs of the Russian people.

Putin has earned this kind of an end and it's certainly within the realm of possibility; for one lone gunman to give his own life to save the history and reputation of a once great Russia that is on the road to becoming great no longer or ever again in any form. And that, is just sad. The Russian people deserve better.

That was all that Alexei wanted. And he is dead now. We, I should say, the Russian people and the world, need more Alexei's and fewer Putins. 

We can only hope that the Russian people can find it within themselves, through voting booths, or very possibly some kind of coup, to remove one who we really have to ask ourselves, when an artist is killed such as Alexei, whether the leader of the Russian people, had him murdered, over ego, or fear. And we ALL know about Putin's ego, it is as vast as the Russian landscape.
Pussy Riot
We need (we, being the Russian people, countries near and around Russia, and the rest of the world), we need more people in Russia to speak out. 

Groups like Pussy Riot, who received nominations: NME Award for Hero of the Year, NME Award for Greatest Music Moment of the Year. They deserve your and all of our support. Those who will speak out deserve the support, protection, and respect they earn every time they leave their home, appear in public, or become imprisoned. They, are the heroes of today. Not, Putin.

From a May 2014 article in The Washington Times:

"As a result, Russia’s “white ribbon” protest movement, which was once able to attract more than 100,000 people to anti-Putin rallies, has been brought to its knees. Two of its most high-profile leaders, the anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny and the leftist Sergei Udaltsov, are under house arrest, and many rank-and-file activists are behind bars. Others have been forced to flee the country."

This, is a free Russia?

In comments regarding Crimea, considering the positive praise of the nationalistic bully Putin, Mr. Shenderovich, the writer, said that such sentiments are indicative of what he called the “sickness of imperial greatness” infecting many in Russia. “Unfortunately, many intelligent, educated people in our country are susceptible to the idea of Russian greatness,” he said. “This is our sickness, one that we have not yet been able to cure.”

Russia needs the world and the world, needs Russia. But not in on it's current path.

This east versus west nonsense from the old Cold War days needs to be laid to rest, finally and once and for all. It needs to be shot in the head and buried. Or it's testicles cut off an left in a glass of water next to the victim's bed, as in the old KGB affectation.

The west needs to accept Russia, to help them heal after a hundred unbelievable years and be their trading partners. But Russia needs to allow the west to embrace them as comrade and friend, and no longer the enemy. 

It is a two sided partnership that needs to be forged, openly and honestly and it falls on the west to treat Russia with the respect it deserves, something they may failed to do properly after the Berlin wall came down. But that wasn't out of disdain, but ignorance and a desire to let Russia find its own way, perhaps, when it most needed the west's help to heal and grow strong. 

But decades of Cold War confused sentiments and understanding, on both sides. We have our own issues with our right wing conservatives with their own confusion and our left wing liberals too afraid of their own shadows to stand and fight for what is right, so that in the end we have the moderate, functional government we need most. We have our own issues to fight through. 

We are however where we now are and at this point, it is in the lap of Putin, and in the best interests of the Russian people to embrace the world and stop this aggressive, old style Soviet attempts at returning to greatness, 

Doing it the right way will bring Russia back, perhaps for he first time really, into a greatness it has never seen. 

This will never happen with Putin as head however, at the controls, stumbling around like the ex-KGB drone that is all he has really ever been. It will not be easy, but we would welcome a free and open Russia. 

At some point, there will be a functional world type government on this tiny planet and, Russia, China and North Korea, can either be on the inside or the outside of it. 

It's your choice. But we'd love to help.

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