Monday, November 24, 2014

Bob Marley brand pot to be sold legally in the US next year

Yes, according to USA Today Bob Marley brand pot is to be sold legally in the US next year. It hias been sanctioned by his heirs and will be the first global brand of pot. Good news. From the article:

"My dad would be so happy to see people understanding the healing power of the herb," Miami-based Cedella Marley said in a company statement. She's the eldest daughter of the music legend who died of cancer in 1981 and is Jamaica's most iconic figure.

But there's even better news here in America.

Good bye finally to the war on drugs and good riddance to you.

May you die the most painful death possible. Now, it needs to be made official by the government. Kill the ineffective D.A.R.E. program, a bastardized child of the War on Drugs. Although the link indicates how ineffective the program has been (including "Keeping it Real" program), a new version of the Keeping it Real program allegedly shows some progress. I do believe that children need to be presented with the facts, honestly, and not just propaganda.

Government needs to restrain it's easy urges to lie and twist what is true in order to achieve their agenda. There are other issues involved there than just drug use that goes into kids trusting the government later in life as adults.

We do need to keep children from drugs and alcohol until their mid twenties, as science has shown their brains are still developing until then. That however, is pretty much a lost cause. We need intelligent damage control, not enforced abstinence. We do need to try and curb their usage as long as possible, at least past high school if it could be done (it can't mostly), but we also need to be honest with children as each generation is better informed than the previous and we need to stay current with that.

The officially sanctioned war on drugs and Americans, especially has affected minorities and led to overcrowded jails and generations of broken minority families.

Finally the legacy of alcohol prohibition with its roots in religion going back to Puritanism, the Temperance Movement, evangelical Protestant churches, Harry Anslinger (who had to find jobs for his agents one prohibition was over and found pot the golden ticket), and Richard Nixon (who turned his back on his own commission calling for decriminalization of pot), is dying its much too long overdue death.

So, what is the fight going to be, what is the next abuse on Americans by our government to tend to, and what or who do we need to rid ourselves of now? First, I'm against war, war on anything or anyone. Especially disingenuous wars that damage people rather than correct bad situations. War is to kill people, not incarcerate them. So let's stop with the Wars. Let's stop with having Czars on anything. We still however, have issues we need to deal with. Mindsets than need to go away. Political groups who are counterproductive in America.

Ask yourselves, who are our biggest abusers of facts, reality, who abuses their elective governing, who abuses gerrymandering the most, pushes election abuses of almost non exist fraudulent voters (no, those are actually few and far between), who consistently oppresses women and women's rights, minorities, attempts to kill empathetic or compassionate government legislation, who has consistently twisted national economic legislation in knots that is mostly devastating to building our country back up, who are the supporters of big money and elevating corporate concerns over US citizens (which runs into election campaign financing which we need to assume as citizens and stop big money let Americans pay for elections from now on and not allow them to any longer be bought by big money), and this list goes on and on.

Could it be that conservatives and Republicans are who we are fighting against in an invisible war on America and Americans who aren't the top 3%? Could it be their disingenuous proselytizing and disinformation has made them invisible to the average citizen (yes you if you support them) for what they are doing so that most people cannot see their abuses, even though they are right out in front of us?

What does that say about the Americans who support them? Perhaps very little, but it certainly speaks a great deal to the power of the old Soviet mechanisms of disinformation and shifting responsibility onto anyone but themselves, and their supporters are either benefiting monetarily as the top 3% do, or they are too lazy or uneducated to find out or be able to find out, what is really happening and so they continue to support those who are really against their best interests.

Maybe like in the old film, Wild in the Streets, we just need to get Congress high so they can see to start doing what is right against blindingly following political theories that are no in the best interesting of the majority of American citizens, and actually, the entire world.

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