Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Price Lowered on Horror book Death of Heaven for the Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I wish you all to have a great fun time with friends and family tomorrow for 2014!

For the holidays and through New Year's, I have lowered the price for the ebook version of my epic book, Death of Heaven to $3.99. Furthermore, good one day only through Thanksgiving Day, I am giving it away for Free. Just go to Smashwords to download it in your favorite ebook format and use the coupon: RE62U 

A video trailer for the book is on my YouTube channel.
Cover art by Marvin Hayes
Death of Heaven is available on either Smashwords or Amazon (or in print on Amazon), depending on where you would like to pick it up. It is available on Kobo and elsewhere.

If you've already picked up a copy, I'm currently writing a new book online titled, The Unwritten, on Wattpad. It's interesting access for a readers from the perspective of watching an author write a story and seeing how it develops. From time to time I have to go back and tone up or down a second and then continue on.

"The Unwritten", is a story about a degenerate clan of murderers in the backwoods, mixed up with manipulations by scientists in another universe altogether, and scenes literally in Hell itself, this is a bizarre story that pushes the limits of the usual horror tale. Eventually I will edit it up properly, package it and make it available as a book. What's it about? Backwoods horror, sci fi in another universe altogether, and what it's like literally to live in Hell. Those three very different things come together in a story about fear and curiosity.

Death of Heaven is the story of two friends since childhood who have lost touch. At first they were childhood neighbors and then best friends. Until they suffer through a most traumatic experience together at the age of twelve when they become brothers through an event that changes their lives forever.

They lose track of one another after high school and go their separate ways. Eventually they are brought back together when one of them breaks down and puts a call out for the only other human who could possibly understand him. Moving in together, they learn that they have been affected by their shared childhood experience in ways that are now letting them know about the most horrendous event ever to have befallen humankind.

For one of them has been receiving stories of people throughout history, through the many years since they have been apart. The other, had retired from covert ops work and has his own demons to deal with. Which is why he takes in his friend, to give him a place to recuperate after this recent trauma and so that perhaps they can help one another. He comes to realize that his friend really isn't struggling with insanity, but with something no human has ever had to deal with.

They are being given stories of actual events throughout history. Stories that are unknown, that go back to the beginning of time on Earth and involve beings who are powerful beyond all belief. These are beings who have tried repeatedly to communicate with humankind but are so powerful that it always goes badly, for the humans. Only these two friends have been able to survive one of these communications and perhaps only they, will have the knowledge of what is about to happen and why.

They are being warned about something that could potentially destroy all life on earth. In their helplessness, they realize their only recourse is to try to document what they are learning, in the small possibility that civilization does somehow survive. So they persevere documenting these stories up until it is too late and finally the end is upon them.

And then it happens....and all Hell breaks loose.

Two friends since childhood alone watch as the
end of the world as we know it comes upon them.
This isn't the long expected Apocalypse.
It’s something far more sinister….
Horror on a galactic scale that offers no sanctuary! 

Available on either Smashwords or Amazon 
Available on Kobo and elsewhere.

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