Monday, August 26, 2013

Kill Religion or the Religious to Protect the World?

Do we continue to put up with religious based violence in this new world of ours regardless of what they subject us to, be it their religious fictions and even murders? Do we continue to perpetuate acceptance and denial? Or do we start killing off religions and the religious in order to protect the world?

Is it just the media? Why do I constantly hear mostly of Muslim based violence around the world? It may be a nonviolent religion but if so, why is it spawning so many violent groups? Are they just political and cloaking their intentions in religious diatribe and worse? Is it just because the rest of the world finds their beliefs unacceptable. If that's the case, isn't it possible that it is they who need to change and not the world? Are they just kids on religion who have grown up with a defective mindset and so are simply looking for trouble and meaning in their lives because their lives are so miserable? Isn't it possible that their religion isn't serving up to them a way to live in peace? So isn't their religion then what is defective and not the rest of the world?

Surely America hasn't helped the situation in traditionally abusing international relationships and the poor around the world in taking resources and supporting dictators and repression. But do we really need to put up with this?

We tend to ignore Religion with, "it's their thing", and "we shouldn't interfere". But why? Because it's been around so long, obviously. But is that a good enough reason? Don't we avoid interference mostly because we don't want people to rain on our own weird little parades? Whatever those might be? But then, we don't go around pushing our beliefs on others. Or do we?

All I can say is that I do hope we won't find a violent backlash against the religious. Because a lot of people are getting sick of hearing about religion and their stupid reasons for killing those not of their belief system, but also are killing their own. And how does that make sense? But then their religious intolerance has always kind of asked for it as intolerance does seem to breed that, one way or another.

An organism will expel or kill what is not good for the host, for itself. Is that what we're starting to see with religion? Religion has been showing its growing demise over time. Are we at that point where there will soon be a backlash against it, partly I'm sure because many of those groups are so ridiculous in their claims and demands? Just look at American politics in recent years in their leaning to the religious right.

I see any religious based violence as unacceptable. Don't get me wrong, I see most any reason for violence as unacceptable, but in perpetrating violence in the name of invisible beliefs, invisible certainly to others not of your group, it really isn't something we should be allowing.

So do we crush that culture, or what? I see religious violence in this manner traditionally as a group being pressured with no outlet to release their frustration, no path to evoke positive changes for themselves, and so they act in a way to draw attention in the most notable ways possible. Terrorism used to be the act of last endeavor but it has turned into a way of life for far too many.

Do we (that is, non-violent opposition to this kind of thing) give them whatever they are asking for? Or do we become a party to creating yet more martyrs in putting them down?

I have no answer and I don't really think anyone does at this point. But we certainly need one. Repression (something religion is exemplary at) has shown to lead to aggressive retaliation. But then we don't have an imaginary all powerful being at the head of our side.

Check this out (see, China calls Xinjiang unrest a 'terrorist attack', ups death toll to 35):

"Xinjiang is home to a large Muslim Uighur community and violence focusing on its discontent had been confined recently to southern districts. The altercations in Shanshan county on Wednesday marked a return of unrest to Xinjiang's north.

"Many Uighurs, Muslims who speak a Turkic language, chafe at what they call Chinese government restrictions on their culture, language and religion. China says it grants Uighurs wide-ranging freedoms and accuses extremists of separatism.

"On Wednesday, gangs with knives attacked a police station and a government building and set fire to police cars. Twenty-four people died in clashes with police, including 16 Uighurs." - Chinese state news agency.

Living in China for these groups can't be easy even if China says they are allowed a wide range of allowable behaviors. Just compare what China thinks is liberal and what Americans think is liberal, then consider what Muslims consider to be such, and what Muslim extremists consider it to be. Personally I've had enough of extremists and intolerance. It seems most of it is religious based. White supremacists, Muslim terrorists, etc.

That "etcetera" however seems to be mostly coming from religions that grew out of the Middle East. Maybe I'm wrong here, but can you think of any other religions that are violent like that on a regular and ongoing basis? Speak up if you do. But if so, I suspect they are not as a big an issue as the world wide Islamic terror reign we've been experiencing now for decades.

So how much longer should we put up with this religious based violence? At some point, it is at the root of their belief system.

If these religions don't police their own believers, someone else is going to. It's strange how their religion is designed to have such strong beliefs, yet they can't control their own indiscriminate murderers. Someone said about the article above to pay attention to it, as it will not go away. Yet China is simply not known for allowing opposition to the State. Not a good combination.

What the answer is, is beyond me but I don't think it's more violence against the religious, lthough when I hear of this stupid ongoing violence, it does tend to make me want to be violent back at them. The "Kill Them All" urge starts to rise. But then, that's just what the problem is all about, isn't it? It's how the Islamic terrorists get started and perpetrated.

We need a better solution and frankly, the only one I can think of is long term. How about we give these people better lives and educate the living Hell out of them.

Because for the most part, good education seems to kill religion.

Those who still adhere to it even after post doctoral education, are simply lacking something by their own contentions. But I suspect that if we watch that family line it is something that will eventually go away in their own descendants.

If we need anything at this point in history, it's to grow beyond our ancient, tribal beliefs in spooky super beings. And education is the only answer we've got. How about we start producing less war and more education, more food, water and medical attention for those who desperately need it, bringing those third world backward cultures up into the future? It will take time but it may be the only hope we have to end this childish nonsense, the cowardly bombings, the lies and subversions that these terrorist groups perpetrate upon even their own people, all for satiating their addictive lust of killing more humans.

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