Monday, August 12, 2013

Are Gays a Godsend?

Are Gays, in becoming normalized in society, a Godsend for the heterosexual community?

I would argue yes. Someone posted the other day on a Facebook group, how behind every great man there is a great woman at home using the Clintons and others including Andrew Jackson as examples. I responded that I thought its very useful for there to be someone behind somebody out there doing great in the world, but it doesn't have to be a woman, it can be a man. And the reason I thought that, I think she thought I was countering what she had said and I wasn't.

But the reason I had said that was when I read what she had posted, I thought about Gay males and how there is no woman at home, let alone a "good" woman for one of those men who is out doing great in the world. There's a man at home. And so there was an exception to the rule, and one that neutralizes what she had said. And it was a big exception too, really. In so far as it being a woman. Though it certainly half backed up what she was saying,

So my point being about how it's good for heterosexuals is because we have to look at this in a gender situation in a kind of gender neutral way because of Gays. Certainly a lesbian couple could have a strong woman at home so in a way this more concentric to Gay males. But if we look at the psychology and sociology of this, through that filter it gives us a kind of neutrality that I think is useful in examining heterosexual couples.

Not just because there can be house husbands in a heterosexual marriage or coupling, where the wife is the worker, but because I think it gives women more understanding about their situation if we look at it from both sides or that is to say, in a neutral way.

Of course we're going to have to consider gender roles the specific gender role in that particular family unit in some kind of therapy setting. But I see all of this, the need to look at things this way, as a boon and not a detriment as a lot of conservative, religious fundamentalist types are saying.

We have needed to do this for, well ever, forever. It's sad that it took something so socially extreme in nature and socially upsetting as Gays coming out and fighting and getting their rights. When we should have come up with this on our own long ago. Especially religion should have had the foresight to see that we did this on our own.

That however, is one of the downfalls of religion in general. That it is stuck in the times that it was first created. Due to geocentric, ethnocentric and tribal values, typically being heterosexual and male dominant, these values tend to remain as originally perceived at the time of the creation of the religion. Which is yet another argument against religion in that if it couldn't foresee this, there really is a problem in the consistency and logic of what the religion professes to be true in relation to their "Creator" and teachings.

Whereas if it were a true religion about a true Godhead, this would have been settled forthright in the way the religion's literature was initially constructed and disseminated to the public. The Theists argument against that fall to the wayside by their own constructs. They would say one simply has to have "Faith" and to ignore that. "That logic is Religion's greatest enemy." And further such nonsense. In that "God" is supposed to be perfect, infallible and omniscient, obviously that is not the case as "He", "She" or "It", truly isn't as has been shown over the millennia time and time again. Or more obviously, "God" simply doesn't exist.

Butt that really isn't either here or over there. What we need to recognize is that good or bad, Gays are here to stay, and that, by any definition, truly isn't a bad thing and we should make the most of it. Don't bury your head in the sand. Stand up, look around and see what this new world has to offer us, all of us. Because to do otherwise, is to perpetuate the fear, distrust and persecution that has so long been held against disparate races, "unclean" and lower classes in society, women, and Gays.

We're all in the end, just people.

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