Monday, September 2, 2013

The Zombie Jesus Blessing

First of all, a happy Labor Day holiday to you all. I hope you have done something fun and interesting this three day weekend, or longer, or that you got a three day weekend, or longer.

So, I was looking through photos on my hard drive and run into these. I was at ZomBcon last year and met Tom Savini, got to shake his hand and thank him for his making a living as he does. I've been following his works since close to the beginning.
Tom Savini and Sco Triplets

I was also at the first ZomBcon in 2010 in Seattle with my son and we met the Sco triplets, all seen in the photo together at last year's ZomBcon where I signed a book as an author for the first time. The Sco triplets were with there with Taj Jackson (Michael Jackson's nephew) all who did the Code Z film (Directed by : Taj Jackson, Starring: Thaina Sco, Thaisa Sco and Thayana Sco).
Taj Jackson
Taj couldn't have been nicer and is a pretty together guy and the ladies were awesome, beautiful, sweet and so polite. We stood there talking to them for a little while and I was glad my son stopped me and drug me back to meet them. Malcolm McDowell, Bruce Campbell and George Romero were also at ZomBcon I. And I always visit my friend Cal Miller of Zilyon Publishing at these conventions.
Cal Miller of Zilyon Publishing and Dead Ted creator.
Anyway, here's why I mention this. I spoke of this in a blog about the convention when I went last year, but this was such a strange moment I had to mention it again.
Sid Haig
Around 2PM I had gone to the bar at the hotel to have something to eat. While I was sitting there I noticed at the table across from me nearest to the bar was Sid Haig. Tom Savini came in, spoke with him and sat down.
Bill Moseley
Then Bill Moseley drifted in and sat. So the three of them are sitting there, I'm having a beer and waiting on my food to arrive and up walked "Zombie Jesus". Now I had seen him earlier and just had to talk to him and he turned out to be an interesting guy. Seemed like he'd had a few or was slightly on some other plane of existence, but I liked him a lot and found him interesting and entertaining.

Zombie "ZJ" Jesus
So, up walks Zombie Jesus to the table with these guys who are icons of the Horror film genre and he tells them he has to tell them, well, whatever. Something. So let's recap: standard story of Zombie Jesus walking into a bar and meets three icons of Horror all sitting at a table together. That alone was good enough. Then his girlfriend in a Nazi hat wanders in....
The "Blessing"
So in the end Zombie Jesus tells them that before he leaves he has to bless them. And then, he does. The sight of Zombie Jesus "blessing" these three Horror film professionals sitting in a bar (albeit a very nice bar), was simply too apropos to believe.
A wider shot
I looked around. No one else noticed it. I wished I had a video camera but it was too late anyway. Where were my Google glasses when I need them?

I knew, no one would ever quite get what I had just experienced. You see, you just had to be there to see it, because it was just so much more in the viewing than in the telling. Even if you do, "get it" intellectually, being there made the difference. The reactions of Tom and the others, their interactions, "ZJ's" reactions, all added up to something quite unique.

It was just one of those moments in time where you are there, you "get it", you don't just let it pass you by, but then you register that you alone have just seen something quite unique and special. it's yours and yours alone and you just wish someone had been there with you. It is from then on that you figure it was one of those moments, sadly or not, that have been staged for you and you alone.

Cost of lunch $20. Travel, Con tickets, etc., more. But overall experience, priceless, no doubt about it.

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